Chicken Little hits the recruiting trail.

You know, I would have thought that in the wake of Kirby’s unprecedented recruiting success, at least Dawgnation would stop sweating the twists and turns on the road to signing day, but upon seeing the anguished gnashing of teeth on the Intertubes yesterday after the four kids from Grayson High School all elected to take their respective acts on the road, it seems I was a bit optimistic about that.  Lots of muttering about nefarious intentions abound, because that’s what we do when Georgia doesn’t get a commitment from every four- and five-star kid in the state.

I don’t seem to be the only one who noticed, either, judging by this Jeff Sentell piece with the clickbait-y title “UGA recruiting: Does Grayson High School steer its players from Athens?”  Hey, inquiring minds and all that…

Anyway, if you read it (and you probably will), you’ll probably detect the same methinks thou doth protest too much odor I found wafting from it.  Is there fire to the smoke there?  I have absolutely no idea, but I will say that I found it strange at the time to see one of the most accomplished high school football coaches in the state coach one season at Grayson, win a AAAAAAA state football championship and promptly depart.  Still do, for that matter.  Eh, maybe it was just a coincidence.

It’s the bigger picture that matters most, though.  Kirby’s done fine without much flowing through that particular pipeline and regardless of how it plays out, I doubt that will change any time soon.  Chill, folks.


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  1. TnDawg

    It seems to be a necessary evil to cater to these 10-19 year old kids. I just don’t get too excited about recruiting til they actually sign on the dotted line. Don’t even read Sentell articles.


  2. 81Dog

    The Nkemdiches scoff at any hint or suggestion that Grayson is the AU of the GHSA. Maybe Grayson will hire Hugh Freeze, he’s a good leader and a fine gentleman who does it all for the chirren

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  3. Derek

    TL Hanna is a pretty sweet spot for any high school football coach.

    If you’ve seen the movie Radio, that was TL Hanna.

    If Herron left Greyson for some middling job it might be more telling.

    I hope we can turn things around for Pappoe and I wish we could stop having issues at any schools and especially not ones that produce players. This saga reminds me of the Carver-Columbus qb we really didn’t want when Jarvis and Crowell we’re coming up.


    • dawgtired

      I thought of the Carver-Columbus issue as well. This seems to be a sensitive game for many. I would still like to know what goes on at Stephenson in Stone Mt. These coaches may not verbally sway the players at recruitment time but if they spout negativity about a school throughout the year around these kids, it could sway them. Especially if they love their coach.


      • Tony Barnfart

        These high school coaches see college coaches getting $49M Ks and want a piece of the cheese by leveraging control into a college job. That’s Hugh Freeze and the blindside… which btw, has quite a few hollywood lies. Like how the mom and daughter lived in a hotel for a month because they were scared [of the black kid.]


  4. Hill Billy Dawg

    HS talent is somewhat cyclical. Sure some will continue to produce, but GHS is no different are they? I remember hearing Brookwood and Parkview till my ears bled, but now they aren’t in public view quite as much. Rome for a lot of years was quite but now. Calhoun was the same way. Who knows.? I can say that Grayson may be special now and maybe they do steer kids away, and to be honest…I see GHS football as a some dirty machine. I’ve thought like that for a while; since the Nkimdeches.
    Then again, just maybe Athens is too close..


  5. Hogbody Spradlin

    The article makes it sound like his retirement is vested, so he can go out of state, double dip, and make a good living.


    • Normaltown Mike

      Yeah, I know a lot of vested state retirees and there are a lot disincentives to work, once you begin drawing your retirement. You can be a retire/rehire at the same place but can only work part-time or you can work outside the system and get all your retirement, which might explain the attraction of a SC school (and this is why I thought he would’ve stayed at Prince Avenue since it’s private)


      • Argondawg

        He saw an opportunity to win a state title out of the gate at Grayson but I am not sure he understood the toll that would take on him. I’ve never seen someone so ready to get the hell out of a one year situation. Prince to Grayson is undoubtedly a shock to the system. The talent level was way higher but Grayson is a circus of attitudes, parents and players. That area is my old stomping grounds. Tough crowd


  6. Russ

    Good article. What I got out of it is I don’t see how guys like Watson put up with this stuff.


  7. 3rdandGrantham

    As Sentell mentioned, only 1 of the 4 Grayson players was offered by UGA. And as for that 1 – Pappoe – I’m willing to bet he ends up as a Dawg in the end. This saga much like the Brenton Cox one, and we all know how that turned out.


  8. Bright Idea

    Did you read the part where Grayson kids aren’t from Georgia? They’re the free agent leader in Georgia high school football, now surpassing Buford.


  9. ChiliDawg

    Reads like something that Wilson wrote himself. One giant fluff piece. Kenyatta Wilson, Sr: The White Knight.


    • atlasshrugged55

      Agreed, I don’t believe he’s quite the altruist he wants everyone to believe he is.I don’t wander into those dark areas but I’m sure he’s getting $$$ for his “good deeds”.


  10. Losing the 5 Star hurts; but I wouldn’t call this one ‘over’. I’m not convinced Auburn is going to recover from losing all but one lineman and without a strong number 1 running back. A one dimensional offense in the SEC usually can only get you so far. Believe that Washington, Georgia and Bama are all losses and they do not catch A&M until 11/03 – which I’m guessing will be a very different team verses the September team. And if their QB is out for any amount of time, this team could slip to .500. If Georgia has another season (and most believe they will) – you may see second thoughts. But at the end of the day, you can’t win them all in this state. There are simply too many strong prospects. There is a reason that every Top 10 program either is within driving proximity of the state or has a recruiter living in the state. If this coach is guiding his kids away from UGA – so what. Georgia keeps winning, that will take care of itself and I see ‘no reason’ why UGA shouldn’t continue on a tear for quite sometime.


  11. willypmd

    We signed 4 LB’s as or nearly as talented as Pappoe last year.

    Hope he changes his mind before December, but of all the things to sweat in this world LB recruiting under smart is not one of them


    • Argondawg

      Exactly plus to committed already this year. Clear his spot for more DTs. They are so hard to come by and we have missed on some big ones the last few years.


  12. bigshot

    Too much pressure from parents and undisciplined players is the reason Jeff Herron left.


    • Got Cowdog

      I can see that. I’ve been around GHS sports for a while now, even saw a highly touted baseball player’s agent tell the high school coach when he could pitch and when he couldn’t.
      Problem is, it’s likely going to be the same wherever he goes.