The mystery of amateurism

You always like to hear a commission chairwoman sound like she knows her subject.

A National Collegiate Athletic Association special commission on reforming college basketball recently ducked the issue of athletes being paid for their name, image or likeness — currently banned under the association’s rules.

But Condoleezza Rice, the former U.S. secretary of state and Stanford University provost, and the panel’s chairwoman, last week underscored the confusion some athletics experts felt when a University of Notre Dame women’s basketball player who is still eligible to compete at the college level was allowed to go on Dancing With the Stars, a deal that required the NCAA to make an exception.

“For the life of me, I don’t understand the difference between Olympic payments and participation in Dancing with the Stars, which are allowed, and what can’t be allowed,” Rice said during a press briefing, urging the NCAA to act once lawsuits around the issue had been decided.

You’d think that would tell you something, but that wasn’t in the cards for Condi, I suppose.


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3 responses to “The mystery of amateurism

  1. Derek

    Condi is subject to suffering some confusion:


  2. W Cobb Dawg

    Just guessing Condi won’t be on the commission deciding player compensation – after the lawsuit dust settles.


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