Thursday morning buffet

Grab a plate, campers!


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14 responses to “Thursday morning buffet

  1. Those Athlon guys didn’t even realize Boom has been in Columbia for his 3rd year (one guy was expecting a 2nd year surge).

    Everyone thinks Todd Grantham is a good defensive coordinator. Ha!


    • Derek

      He’s good at pressuring qbs. The back end gets burned too often and looks confused. Struggles with the power run game. Recruiting also a question mark.

      In fairness though, I think CTG has been as good as a college dc as Mullen has been as a college HC. The confidence the press has in his abilities to put UF back on top is incomprehensible. You go back and look at how many wins he’s had against teams that finished the season ranked and it’s abysmal. You’ve got more fingers on one hand.

      To me, beating LSU in starkvegas and then not even getting off the bus in Athens the next week is a stark warning to the gators. That was a Donnan-esque face plant game.


  2. Puffdawg

    So Kevin Harris is pissed at UGA for not accepting his commitment when he was a sophomore, but he just broke his commitment to Miami on sunday after JUST TELLING THEM LAST WEEK he was going to school there? No double standard there at all.


  3. DugLite

    When did the SEC and the Sugar Bowl get disconnected?


  4. DavetheDawg

    Many, how can UTk afford all of those buyouts? They must be fracking underneath Neyland Stadium. I guess that explains their shitty turf.

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  5. Got Cowdog

    I love it when writers say things like “Smart is building the damn Death Star in Athens”. Can y’all see me smiling from six time zones away?


    • Ben

      Death Star II may be a better term, but it’s mot like it ever ends well for the Death Stars of any kind. They blow up a few planets here and there and are eventually taken down in a moment when everyone is cheering against them.

      Count me as one who doesn’t like that analogy.


  6. Comin' Down The Track

    The defense should be among the SEC’s best under new coordinator Todd Grantham.
    I nearly threw up from laughing too hard.

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    • W Cobb Dawg

      fu has lived and died on their D the past several years. CTG is a downgrade from their previous DCs.

      What I really question is Grantham’s recruiting. He was instrumental in our 2013 recruiting fiasco. Leonard Floyd is easily the best player we recruited during that period. But the list thins out pretty quick. Jordan Jenkins, Mauger, Bellamy, Atkins, Gaillard. CTG inherited some good talent, but left very little for Pruitt to work with.