“… it’s great to have a guy like Coach Fulmer who has actually done it before…”

“It’s definitely an edge for me being a first-time head coach to have somebody to lean on and bounce things off of, [and]  I’d say a lot of folks are jealous from that standpoint,” thought no one other than Jeremy Pruitt.


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12 responses to ““… it’s great to have a guy like Coach Fulmer who has actually done it before…”

  1. Heyberto

    Pruitt sounds like a guy who has come to terms with the fact that he has to remain diplomatic with the people stroking the checks.


  2. DawgPhan

    seems like it could be a good thing to me.


  3. Argondawg

    Rough up the players and the fans after the spring game. Check. Kiss the great Pumpkins butt. Check. He better win fast or he is going to come in one day and Phil will be occupying his seat. He realizes that statements like this make him look like he wasn’t ready for this big of a gig? Maybe he can hire Phil as a grammar coordinator. .

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  4. South FL Dawg

    Why can’t it be that the great pumpkin just wants to mentor Pruitt and that Pruitt would just as soon pass off some of the admin responsibilities to the pumpkin?


    • Trbodawg

      It will be. . . As long as UT wins and wins early. ANY minor perceived failing on Pruitt’s part is fuel for the “Let Phil Do It” crowd.


  5. Bill Glennon

    We’ll see what happens when adversity strikes.


  6. Otis Day

    As long as JP brings Big Macs to the meetings all will be good


  7. PharmDawg

    I hope Coach Dick With Ears goes 0-12.