Thanks for the memories.

Welp, Scott Frost is dead to Central Florida now.

“… But at the end of the day, the playoff system is that the national champion is the team that wins the playoff.”

If that sounds like Frost isn’t completely aboard the national title train, it’s because he’s not.

“All I’ll say is if we had stayed there, I would have had a hard time getting behind it,” he says. “I think it was smart by them, because it has kept UCF in the media and in the conversation. But you know, like our rings, I kind of wish my ring just said ‘Undefeated Season’ and ‘Peach Bowl Champion.’ ”

If the football gods have a sense of humor, they’ll match Nebraska and UCF in a bowl game this season.


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  1. Gator Bowl would be perfect


    • MGW

      Yes, with a real disappointed Nebraska team and a UCF that started a little slow but finished real strong and loves the new coach.


  2. I love to hear Frost honestly assess this stuff. I can’t wait to see what he’ll bring to Lincoln. I think the talent in NEB, especially along the lines, is woefully bad, but I think he’ll do a great job for NEB. I think 9+ wins beginning in year 2 is something that isn’t out of the realm of reality. I think 11 wins will be very tough, but if WIS can do it, so can NEB. They just need the right leadership (from above Frost) and they need a coach who demands excellence. They haven’t had that since Osborne.


    • I was living in NE when Osborn retired & they promoted Frank Solich. Solich had the makings for a being a really good coach, but was a little too fond of alcohol & coed’s for the Nebraska AD.


      • He couldn’t recruit at the level necessary to win big enough IMO. As Osborne’s players began fading out it was clear NEB was sliding. But then the Callahan hire happened and that, as they say, was that.


        • Twistification

          I can’t believe how long they kept Callahan. Seems like just enough time to bottom that program out. His style was so different from Nebraska’s and in hindsight, probably would of been the best for the program to move from an option to the spread option? But alas, Jeb Clampett AD’s are not going to have the vision to take the program there.



    Both will be in shatty bowls…so there is that.


  4. Russ

    So, I’m assuming Frost returned his “national championship” bonus to UCF?

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  5. JasonC

    Unsurprisingly, Auburn has now claimed the title that Frost/UCF vacated.


  6. Spike

    Boy, he’s a real national champs buzz killer…


  7. Mayor

    I reiterate: The cause of all this is that f*cked up committee. UCF was the only undefeated team in D-IA. The Knights should have been in the playoff. They would have gotten the sh1t beaten out of them in the first playoff game and nobody in Orlando would have said anything about a natty after that.


    • So, in your mind, the purpose of a playoff should be to expose overrated teams? Oy.


      • Mayor

        No, in my mind the purpose of the playoff is to get the 4 best teams to play each other. IMHO UCF was, at least arguably, one of the 4 best teams. Instead the committee played politics and artificially ranked UCF way below where the Knights should have been ranked to avoid having to face the problem. Remember, since UCF remained undefeated one ranking service ranked UCF #1 at year’s end so the Knights’ claim is now at least as valid as some of Bama’s and Auburn’s.


        • So, one of the “arguably” four best teams in the country would have gotten the shit beat out of them in the CFP… ho-kay.

          BTW, out of morbid curiosity, which team would you have bumped to put UCF in there?