Today, in the check’s in the mail

Kirby’s getting a big, well-deserved raise of about $3.5 million a year, which puts me in mind of one of Greg McGarity’s greatest hits.

With the success we have experienced, we will incur increases in compensation to maintain that level of success.  We plan to make substantial adjustments to the compensation of our coaching staff, which will necessitate these ticket increases.

As I recall, the increase in the average season ticket price from $50 to $66+ is expected to generate more than $6 million a year in new revenues.  Even with staff pay bumps included, the final hit will fall considerably short of the new collections.  I guess necessitate doesn’t mean what I think it means.

I’m not stupid enough — or sarcastic enough, maybe — to suggest a refund here, but would it be too much to expect some of that newfound jack to find its way into making the game day experience more fan friendly?  A blogger can dream, can’t he?


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  1. AdaWg

    I asked Greg that same question. He referenced the WEZP. So, yes, it will make the game day experience more enjoyable, for recruits.


    • Thank Gawd that at least he’s thinking of the children.

      Of course, the ticket price increase isn’t paying for that, but let’s not bicker over details.


      • AdaWg

        Yeah, it was when he tried to sell me that box of rocks that I told him it wasn’t renewing my tickets.


      • KornDawg

        And eventually the WEZP will be finished and paid for, the ticket increase will remain. Along with inevitable increases in minimum Hartman Fund donations.


      • Atticus

        “Let’s not bicker over who killed who….”


      • Anonymous

        Of course, the ticket price increase isn’t paying for that, but let’s not bicker over details.

        People bitched and complained that they wouldn’t spend anything from the reserve fund, so they spent 10 million out of reserves for the project. This money will most likely go back to replenish the reserve fund.


  2. 92 grad

    Didn’t you post up the ticket prices across the conference a few months ago? Wasn’t the justification of the increase based on ticket prices at auburn, alabama, and other “peers”? I seem to remember that the total cost per ticket, if you donate and purchase season tickets, is less than 2 or 3 other programs.

    Not saying that I wouldn’t agree with you, and your entry today is valid in terms of McGarity talking out of his ass.


  3. We all knew this was happening and those of us who buy the tickets as opposed to watching from home are going to bear the brunt of it. Just like TV timeouts, the person at home goes to get a drink or a sandwich or to the bathroom … those of us in the stadium sit there, watch the guy in the red hat and listen to music at ear-splitting volumes between advertisements.

    But season ticket holders don’t pay enough.

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  4. Cousin Eddie

    McG as the AD that hired the SEC champion coach feels like he deserves a raise of the remainder of the $ leftover from the ticket increase.


  5. Gaskilldawg

    McGarity has improved the game day experience. Didn’t you see all those additional advertising ribbons at G-Day?


  6. Atticus

    The fan experience IS much better…..we went to the national championship and we are loaded for years. I am willing to pay a little more for that (actually I don’t anymore I just buy the few games I go to and pay much less than buying two season tickets) but I really don’t care about bathrooms or concession lines, they’ve always been bad and always will. I would like to hear something better than the Outfield though on a big timeout……Maybe the next AD can change that.


    • “The fan experience IS much better … I am willing to pay a little more for that”

      You admit you don’t buy season tickets, so how do you suppose the fan experience has improved since you decided that the value of the season ticket isn’t worth the price even after “we went to the national championship”? The on the field product improved this year … no doubt. But the rest of the experience has gotten progressively worse while the price of the product is going up 30+%.


  7. Dawg in Austin

    You must have forgotten all the invaluable administrators who clearly deserve a handsome raise after the year they delivered to us fans.


  8. Castleberry

    He’s already on the mutha – surprised we haven’t seen a post on this. You warned us it was coming a looooong time ago….

    We’re looking at the thin side of the wedge here. And… they’re going to come flying out of that West Endzone with a fully operational reserve fund.



    If only salaries were the only thing rising…


  10. Erk's Forehead

    “With the success we have experienced, we will incur increases in compensation to maintain that level of success”

    Are we not exactly where we were in 2002? Why not wait before paying out this kind of money. To be sure we don’t just have another Richt.


    • Wow, that Richt guy left Athens with 2 SEC championships, multiple top 10 finishes, and rebuilt a program that had frankly underachieved from 1984-2000.

      Kirby has acknowledged he inherited a great situation from Richt. Has he built on the previous success? Yep and he deserves to be paid as the others at the top of the profession.


      • Erk's Forehead

        Why wasn’t Richt paid the same amount. Why did ADGM mention “maintaining that level of success”? If CKS hasn’t yet surpassed CMR, why pay so much more so soon?


  11. Skeptic Dawgs' Better Half Relative

    the reserve fund has needs, too