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Well, this blows.

Meet today’s scum of the earth.  Hope somebody catches the perp.


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Only in America

With Kirby’s pay bump, the average salary of an SEC head football coach is somewhere in the mid-$4 million a year range.

On one level, I get it, I do.  On another, though, it strikes me a bit surreal to read a piece in which someone attempts to split hairs between which coach making that kind of money is overpaid and which one isn’t.  YMMV, of course.



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Today, in mistakes were made

The only way to explain this story is to let George Constanza do the explaining.

Hey, that’s gotta work better than the truth.


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To be the man, you’ve got to be the man.

I’m not sure what my favorite part of this story is.  Is it that Phil Fulmer and not any of his head coaches is the headline act of this spring’s five-city Big Orange Caravan fan appreciation tour?

Or is it that with his shiny new contract, Fulmer is now the third highest paid athletic director in the SEC?  (With a raise applied retroactively!)

This is the point where I’d ordinarily say “don’t ever change, Volnation”, but I don’t really think they need any encouragement.


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