Well, this blows.

Meet today’s scum of the earth.  Hope somebody catches the perp.


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21 responses to “Well, this blows.

  1. Good luck trying to sell those items. So hot it burns your fingers.

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  2. Debby Balcer

    Hopefully the publicity will help get them items returned.

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  3. Granthams replacement

    Do you think Jimmy Williamson’s crew is looking as hard for Roquan’s stuff as current FB players drinking/ smoking weed tonight?


    • Normaltown Mike

      Jimmy Williamson doesn’t typically investigate crimes in off-campus parking decks.


      • Cojones

        Now look what you’ve done; told all the athletes where to stroke their ganja. Hope they all are reading here.


  4. Brandon

    Get a rope.


  5. Some shitty ass people in this world.


  6. Cojones

    It’s not the merchandise so much as the memories. He’s got Rose Bowl blood and a couple of teeth in that equipment that will match some OU players and he can get the DNA done for his grandkids to validate. If some asshole pos hadn’t pulled those memories, we could all have shared in the framing celebration. Their value to the thief is pigeon shit by now, but they remain priceless for Roquan and his family.


  7. This thief should be caught and punished BUT Roquan had to know leaving all that loot in a car was an invitation to become a crime victim. This is 2018 not 1918.



    Thieves should be locked up.


  9. Jack Burton

    Roquan seems to be highly intelligent. Leaving ALL that stuff in one’s car is not, however.


  10. Butt

    Of course, scum bags, etc., but please, Roquan … stop leaving valuable shit in your car.


  11. Russ

    When I read Roquan was robbed, I thought those must have been some big dudes to take stuff from him. Then I see it was stolen from his car so it makes more sense.

    As for leaving it in his car, yeah that was dumb but remember these are still essentially college kids, and that group in general isn’t known for the best decisions. Hope his belongings are returned.


  12. Todd

    How about a GoFundme Page so we can put out a bounty on the thief? IMO if it hits $5k this thief won’t have any friends/relatives that won’t turn them in…


  13. waterloodawg

    Were any Big Ten officials in town?

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