Just another day in court, NCAA edition

I don’t litigate.  I’ve never wanted to litigate.  One reason for that is I’ve never wanted to have a witness on the stand make me look like an idiot in open court.

It’s even worse when the witness is the plaintiff whose credibility I’ve made it my professional mission to destroy.

As expected, Stojilkovic spent a bulk of his cross-examination shining a light on the effort McNair made to get another job in coaching. McNair testified he reached out to only a few NFL teams and college programs, while opting to rely on the network of friends he has in the coaching industry.

In order to show there were other friends McNair could have reached out to, Stojilkovic displayed a list of several names McNair mentioned during his testimony the previous day. The attempt backfired, as McNair went down the list, one by one, with simple explanations for why the people Stojilkovic insisted could have helped him really could not.

“Retired … retired … deceased … retired … he’s still playing … he’s just a parent,” McNair said.

Stojilkovic also insisted that McNair should have been suspicious when Bush started driving a late 1990s-model Chevrolet Impala, which later was determined to have been provided by Lake.

“If he pulled up in a Mercedes, I would have said something,” McNair said. “That Impala was trash.”

Yeah, that seems to have gone well.


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3 responses to “Just another day in court, NCAA edition

  1. Brandon

    You have to be like a CB and have a short memory, lol.


  2. Mayor

    Made to look stupid by a witness on cross-examination–been there, done that, got the tee shirt. 🤡