They could’a been a contenduh.

You know what’s weird?  Less than a decade removed from the arrogance of the Spurrier/Meyer era, hearing the Florida folks play the “hey, it could happen!” card.

“Dan Mullen absolutely can make Florida an SEC East contender again. And he can do it this year. The schedule shakes up very favorably and Mullen has already made big strides in restoring the program back to where it was when it was at the top, most notably with the strength program. He brought in new strength coach Nick Savage, who has already changed players’ bodies.

“Mullen’s biggest selling point in the spring was making Florida fun and exciting again and getting back to that ‘Gator standard.’ He caters his offense around his quarterbacks which will help whoever takes the reigns whether it’s Kyle Trask or Feleipe Franks.

“He has work to do on the recruiting trail, but he brought in good classes while in Starkville, and Florida is not Mississippi State.

“His new defensive scheme fits the players Florida has and new DC Todd Grantham should have a great unit. Finishing 4-7 seems like it is a ways away from getting back to competing for East titles and getting to Atlanta, but this wasn’t a 4-7 roster. A new coach who ‘gets it,’ and brings in a fresh energy along with a great strength coach and QB-friendly system, Florida can absolutely contend for an SEC East crown.”

I could get used to this.  Thanks, Kirby.


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  1. Derek

    They could pretty easily be 6-1 or 7-0 by the wloocp.

    Their season will be made or broken beginning in Jax.


    • With all new schemes on both sides of the ball and a three-year drop in recruiting talent? Maybe Mullen is a wizard.


      • Cojones

        You don’t seem to understand, Bluto, Mullen has Grantham there for the heavy lifting.

        It’s going to be hilarious when Grantham confuses the D with his sophisticated play-calling and forgets to wave back when the players begin their D-dance that ends with upraised palms. At least they will be able to show their new muscles. Suggestion: UGA fans wave every time someone on their D begins to wave and show confusion. Grantham has shown with 3 college teams that he isn’t about to change his ways, so, fun should be had by all.

        Hope Mullen has his team up to snuff on the plays he used against us last year since they were such fun plays – for UGA.


      • Derek

        I’m just really looking at the match ups on the schedule. It’s pretty weak through the first 7 games and the toughest game by far (LSU) is at home and lsu has had difficulty with consistency for my entire lifetime.

        Just because they are 6-1 or 7-0 going into week 8 doesn’t mean they’re any good. Just means they’re better than the vandys, Kentucky’s etc on the schedule. They get us, USC and FSU in November. If they finish 8-3 or better that would be miracle working. They could easily start 6-1 and finish 7-4.


        • Argondawg

          I’m sorry but I look at their roster and can’t imagine how that writer thinks they contend. The talent is not there. Add all new schemes to mediocre talent and that is a real long shot to win the conference. When we were mediocre I was acutely aware of Saban or Mullen’s talent advantage. Hell even Boom’s defenses at UF made sense with the talent he recruited. I just don’t see UF or UTk challenging this year.


          • Derek

            Other than LSU whose beating them before we do? I’m not suggesting they’re any good. I do think they’re better than 6 of the 7 teams they play to start the season. I’m saying the schedule allows them to be a pretender not a contender.


            • ChiliDawg

              Kentucky, Colorado State, Tennessee, Miss State and Missouri are all games they could lose. I wouldn’t even call the game against Vanderbilt a lock.


        • dawgtired

          I can certainly see them winning 5 before we stomp them. Even with coaching changes, you have to give them hope against the teams they beat last year. Plus UT is in a major transition of their own. They only lost to LSU by 1pt but coming that close again is unlikely. Mullen left MissSt in better shape than UF but they are still dealing with coaching changes. You never know what wheels may come off. Mizzu is changing OC, so we’ll see if Odom can maintain a cohesive unit. UGA, FSU and USC seem a bridge too far but it is college football. All in all, I can see as many as 6 wins. They could have a surprise game and some ugly ones too. I know I’m ready to find out…


    • Russ

      I vote “broken”, by at least 3 TDs. I hope they are riding high coming into the game. We’re going to smoke them again this year.


  2. Hal Welch

    Wow, already made big strides you say? How so? Who’ve the beaten so far this off-season? Listen, they may well win the natty but this is off-season pipe dreaming at its glory.

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  3. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Well, you know, if the only “happy talk” you can have is off-season happy talk, you gotta do what you gotta do… 🙂


  4. Mayor

    You guys ever heard of the word “upset?” That’s where the more-talented team gets beaten by the less talented team. That’s why they actually play the game rather than decide who wins based on opinion. I remember a few times when Georgia wasn’t all that great and FU was loaded and Georgia won. I also remember times when Georgia clearly had the better team but lost. Remember 2014? 2015? Pride goeth before a fall. FU likely will be undefeated when they play Georgia in JAX in 2018 and if the Gators upset the Dawgs they will win the SEC East. If that means they are a contender well I guess they are.


  5. Mark

    Yes I can see it.gators up by 2 with 3 seconds to go.Rodrigo trots on the field for a 45 yard fg as granthams right hand shakes uncontrollably as he goes for the choke sign.My how things have changed.