This is what a gap looks like.

Research maven AirForceDawg compiles a list of SEC roster talent, based on recruiting rankings.

Currently enrolled + summer inbounds:

1. Alabama (83 rated players avg. 3.93 stars): 12 5-stars, 54 4-stars, 16 3-stars, 1 2-star
2. UGA (84 rated players avg. 3.86 stars): 13 5-stars, 47 4-stars, 23 3-stars, 1 2-star [note: doesn’t include Chigbu or Gibbs]
3. LSU (77 rated players avg. 3.65 stars): 4 5-stars, 44 4-stars, 27 3-stars, 2 2-stars
4. Auburn (84 rated players avg. 3.58 stars): 2 5-stars, 46 4-stars, 35 3-stars, 1 2-star
5. Texas A&M (88 rated players avg. 3.38 stars): 0 5-stars, 35 4-stars, 51 3-stars, 2 2-stars [note: 1 or more rated players is a walk-on not on scholarship]
6. UT (86 rated players avg. 3.36 stars): 2 5-stars, 32 4-stars, 47 3-stars, 5 2-stars [note: 1 or more rated players is a walk-on not on scholarship]
7. UF (74 rated players avg. 3.32 stars): 2 5-stars, 25 4-stars, 43 3-stars, 3 2-stars, 1 1-star
8. USC (79 rated players avg. 3.23 stars): 0 5-stars, 23 4-stars, 51 3-stars, 5 2-stars
9. Ole Miss (80 rated players avg. 3.19 stars): 2 5-stars, 17 4-stars, 55 3-stars, 6 2-stars
10. Mississippi State (88 rated players avg. 3.16 stars): 1 5-star, 19 4-stars, 61 3-stars, 7 2-stars [note: several rated players are walk-ons]
11. Arkansas (92 rated players avg. 3.13 stars): 1 5-star, 17 4-stars, 67 3-stars, 7 2-stars [note: several rated players are walk-ons]
12. UK (78 rated players avg. 3.12 stars): 0 5-stars, 13 4-stars, 63 3-stars, 1 2-star
13. Mizzou (75 rated players avg. 3.08 stars): 1 5-star, 6 4-stars, 66 3-stars, 2 2-stars
14. Vandy (84 rated players avg. 2.99 stars): 0 5-stars, 8 4-stars, 67 3-stars, 9 2-stars

Three tiers there — Alabama and Georgia make up the first, LSU and Auburn are in the second and then there’s everybody else.  And if you think I’m being overly dismissive about this, consider that the spread between Tennessee and Vanderbilt is smaller than that between Georgia and Tennessee.

I know coaching plays a role in things, but if you’re a believer to any extent in the “it’s the Jimmies and Joes, not the Xs and Os” school of football excellence, absent some bizarre turn of events, it’s hard to see how anyone in the East stays with the Dawgs this season.


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  1. It’s amazing what the Sharkhumper did to the talent base in Gainesville and how bad Boom’s offensive recruiting was.


    • SpellDawg

      They are the only team on the list with a 1 star player. I didn’t even know there was such a thing, I’ve never seen a rating below 2 star….


      • Russ

        To be fair, it was probably a kicker or punter. For some reason, they are usually lower rated no matter how good they actually are.


  2. Two numbers of note, UF with 74 rated players and Arkansas with 92. Roster management issues in both camps.


    • TomReagan

      That’s a double whammy for Florida. The lowest number and also the 7th ranked average.

      It is a joke that that school can be in the position it is in talent wise.


  3. ChiliDawg



  4. Fetch

    Wow! Those 5* numbers! Bama 12, UGA 13, rest of the SEC combined 15.


  5. Dave

    The ONLY nitpick I would throw out there is that half our 5-stars are going to be true freshmen. Other than that, yeah, we really shouldn’t have any challengers this year, barring the bizarre as you said.


    • DoubleDawg1318

      There should be an asterisk by ours noting that most of those stars are 1st or 2nd year players.


      • W Cobb Dawg

        Gotta love the trajectory of our program. Three 5-star verbals right now, and we know Kirby’s just warming up. Godwin might be the only 5-star departing after 2018. The ’19 and ’20 roster is gonna be awesome!


  6. DoubleDawg1318

    Man I did not expect to see UT with a better roster than UF. Maybe the pundits ought to pump the brakes on the UF’s back meme. Also, if Pruitt is worth his salt, he should have a decent team on his hands.


  7. Russ

    So, where is the huge talent gulf between Bama and Georgia?


    • Trbodawg

      In the minds of ESPN’s pundits.


    • The Dawg abides

      On the d-line.


      • Argondawg

        actually their D-Line is thinner than ours for the first time…….hell I cant even remember when we were deeper on the D-Line than them. Everybody is scrambling to find D-Linemen


        • Anonymous

          With the spread of the HUNH, not only can you not sub in pass rushers for third down, you have to have D-linemen that can play 9-10 plays straight. The guys with that kind of size, strength, athleticism, and stamina are rare. You can’t have a dominant defensive line without them, but you can’t find enough of them to field a two-deep.


    • Brandon

      They have more 5 star upperclassmen, most of ours are freshmen and sophomores.


  8. The Dawg abides

    If you count our ranked walk-ons like he has for other teams, you can add 3 more 3-stars and 5 more 2-stars. That’s assuming they all come back for fall camp.


    • Note: 1 of UGA’s 84 rated players I accounted for above is 2015 3* PK Rodrigo Blankenship who joined the program as a preferred walk-on, but was then placed on scholarship on 7 September 2017). Besides these 84 rated scholarship players, UGA has 9 more preferred walk-ons that were also rated (4 3s and 5 2s) as high school football prospects and are listed alphabetically below:

      2018 3* OL Blake Anderson, 6’4″, 325 lbs, from West Forsyth High School committed to UGA as a preferred walk-on on 26 January 2018 (had offers from Ohio and Virginia)
      2017 2* QB Stetson Bennett, 6’, 172 lbs., from Pierce County High School in Blackshear, GA (had offers from Columbia, Georgia Southern, Mercer, and Middle Tennessee State)
      2017 2* K Brooks Buce, 6’, 175 lbs., from Greater Atlanta Christian School in Norcross, GA (had offers from Air Force, Army, Navy, and Jacksonville State)
      2016 2* DB Jordon McKinney, 6’, 187 lbs., from Dalton High School
      2016 3* WR Josh Moran, 6’2”, 193 lbs., from Milton High School (had offers from Air Force, Appalachian State, Arkansas State, Army, Ball State, California, Campbell, Charlotte, Columbia, Dartmouth, Eastern Michigan, Furman, Georgia State, Harvard, Holy Cross, Jacksonville State, James Madison, Louisville, Navy, Ohio, Richmond, Samford, SMU, South Florida, Toledo, Troy, Utah State, Western Kentucky, William & Mary, Yale, and West Virginia)
      2017 3* P Bill Rubright, 6’3”, 182 lbs., from Marist School in Atlanta, GA
      2010 3* DB Jake Skole, 6’2”, 215 lbs., from Blessed Trinity Catholic High School in Roswell, GA (note: former Georgia Tech signee was a 2010 MLB 1st Round Draft pick and played 7 years in the minor leagues before enrolling at UGA in January 2017)
      2017 2* RB Lofton Tidwell, 5’11”, 210 lbs. from Landmark Christian School in Fairburn, GA (had an offer from Stetson)
      2018 2* OT Blake Watson, 6’6″, 290 lbs., from Milton High School committed to UGA as a preferred walk-on 3 February 2018 (had offers from Brown, Columbia, Florida Atlantic, Stetson, and Yale)

      P.S. 2017 2* DB Andrew Wing, 6′, 185 lbs., from St. Paul’s Episcopal School in Mobile, AL was on UGA Football’s roster last season, but isn’t currently listed on the 2018 one:


  9. AceDawg

    UGA is going to have a very good OL (maybe elite but we need to see who the starting 5 are) and numerous 5 star skills players on offense. Nauta, Godwin, Hardman, and borderline 5 stars in Fromm, Swift, etc. Not to mention 5 stars like Zeus and Fields potentially getting a lot of snaps. There is really no reason to believe UGA’s offense won’t dominate nearly every team it faces this year. The defense is just as talented but lacks experience. However, if the offense holds serve early in tough games and keeps the pressure on the opponent to have to regularly score, I think that plays into the hands of the young defense that might give up big plays but have the elite play makers necessary to cause turnovers. Plus, the defense may be young but remains “deep.” Who actually thinks Kirby and Tucker could field a bad defense anyhow? Knowing Bama has had tough games every year despite a huge talent advantage, we should remain slightly humble, but it is clear that UGA football is elite.


  10. 79Dawg

    When did Southern Cal join the SEC, and how in the hell are they ranked 8th in the conference???


  11. rchris

    If we meet Bama in the SECCG, then we will play everyone else in the top 8 except T AM. Of course, we also play 12, 13, & 14…