With eight, you get Tater Tot.

Terry Bowden wants — nay, needs — an eight-team college football playoff so he can look his players in the eye.

No, seriously, that’s exactly what he said.

On Monday, Bowden told WJOX 94.5 FM that the College Football Playoff should grow from four to eight teams. At this point in Bowden’s career, his stance isn’t a surprise. Given that he’s coaching outside of a power conference, Bowden admitted that his team doesn’t have a chance to compete for a national title each season. He said the situation would be improved if eight teams were allowed to participate in the College Football Playoff.

“I wish I could look my players in the eye and say, ‘Men, we’re playing for the national championship.’ But in reality, we’re not,” Bowden said on the radio appearance. “Now we can get a poster that says we’re the national champions just as Central Florida did. But as I said, the playoff must go to eight teams. Even a team with one loss in the SEC or even probably the Big Ten is going to be higher ranked than a team at the mid-major level because of strength of schedule. … It’s hard to justify which [are] really the strongest teams.”

Yeah, it’s really hard to tell Alabama and Akron apart in that regard.  I’m sold, Terry.


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12 responses to “With eight, you get Tater Tot.

  1. Debby Balcer

    SMH Those kids know they aren’t playing for a national championship when they sign their LOIs.

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  2. David K.

    Central Florida wouldn’t have gotten in with 8.

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  3. BMan

    If Terry Bowden can look his players in the eye, then he’s got a bunch of players that are 5’2″ and they likely aren’t going to be playing for anything meaningful.

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  4. There would have to be an 80 team playoff for Akron to get in


  5. ASEF

    This is the undercurrent of 8. It’s the dividing line where the sport tilts into a replica of college basketball. No, it won’t get there overnight, but it’s much more the kind of world where Scott Frost would rather be a big fish in UCF’s conference than at Nebraska, even though he went there.

    2nd tier P5 jobs are still destinations over top G5 jobs, for both coaches and recruits. Playoff access for G5 changes that calculus considerably, without doing a thing to make the product itself more enjoyable.

    (Should I comment on the irony of the most adamant free marketers on this board being so opposed to player compensation and so in favor of participation trophy playoff models? 🙂 )


    • Which product wouldn’t be more enjoyable ? If you’re talking about college football and its method of creating a champion, I’d have to agree. If you’re talking about the product that (now included) G5 teams put on the field, presumably as a criteria for judging their worthiness to be crowned a champion, your own statement contradicts that point: that G5 inclusion would tilt a recruit’s perception of desirability to some G5 schools over 2nd tier P5 jobs.

      I don’t want to go to 8 teams, but there is logic that expansion to 8 would increase the roster talent on some G5 teams, logically making them more legitimate as competitive equals.


  6. hailtogeorgia

    The same Akron that went 7-7 last season and lost 50-3 to Florida Atlantic in their bowl game? Come on.


  7. HiAltDawg

    Why? So they can cry when five SEC teams make the Playoffs?

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