Latest national title odds

Courtesy of Phil Steele.

Georgia’s odds have actually improved slightly from January — from 8/1 to 7/1.

And what does it say that Tennessee and Georgia Tech share the same 500/1 odds?


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7 responses to “Latest national title odds

  1. SemperFiDawg

    It says we better not have to rely on our SOS.


  2. mwo

    It says they both suck. Literally and figuratively.


  3. Macallanlover

    Well, it was pretty much a dead heat when they met last year so Pruitt’s addition doesn’t even close the gap against The Genius. I can believe that, but there are going to be some angry folks in Big Orange country if CJP doesn’t show rapid improvement and follow every dictate of the Great Pumpkin.


  4. Nashville West

    It says that the ACC isn’t as tough as the SEC or tech’s odds would be even longer.


  5. Got Cowdog

    ut and gt both suck enough to work in a Thai massage parlor, but one of my very favorite things from 2017 was watching them beat each other senseless in their suckitude until finally one of them had to lose. Good times.

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  6. Jt (the other one)

    ON UTurd and the NERDS chances…that means we should be celebrating a beat down of both those clown schools.