Greg in charge

I always wince when Georgia’s athletic director feels the need to open up to the media.  Today, he wants everyone to know that Greg McGarity is… the Decision Maker!

In an exclusive interview with 11Alive on Tuesday, McGarity said he felt like it was time to reward Smart.

“I think it sends a clear message and appreciation for what Kirby’s done in such a short amount of time,” McGarity said.

It wasn’t something Georgia necessarily needed to do immediately, but it does help insure longevity in the program. Smart’s buyout inevitably decreased year-by-year, and and his old contract ranked No. 23 in terms of salary, according to an analysis conducted by USA TODAY Sports. A new deal makes it increasingly difficult for a program to attempt to steal him away from his alma mater.

“It takes awhile to get those things done. It wasn’t an urgent need to get it done, but we did want to get it done as quickly as we could. It’s just a very busy time with recruiting season and just a lot of things going on where you can certainly focus on things at a certain time,” McGarity said.

Sure, handing out the biggest pay increase and contract extension in program history didn’t need to be done immediately.  It just needed to be done when Jimmy Sexton asked for it.


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9 responses to “Greg in charge

  1. The Georgia Way

    “It wasn’t an urgent need to get it done, but we did want to get it done as quickly as we could”.

    Rest assured, it wasn’t urgent. #COMMITTOTHEG


  2. Russ

    Of course McG says he’s in charge. That’s what Kirby told him to say. Now go fix him a sammich!


  3. Jt (the other one)

    Oh Greg…just do what your puppet masters tell you to do…


  4. Chi-town Dawg

    Reminds me of the sticker on our refrigerator that says “I’m the boss around here because my wife says so”. McGoofy is such a clown, but at least he knows to stay the heck out of the way of Kirby and just give the man what he wants.


  5. I wonder if one took a power poll list of the movers and shakers at UGA, where Mc would stand. 5th, 10th, ?


  6. 81Dog

    Maybe he’s telling the troof. Even Mc Jughead probably realized if he let Kirby sit on a tee for some other program to poach, his wise financial masters would likely put him out on Lumpkin St with a box full of his personal items. This is the kind of wet finger in the wind leadership that UGA brought Mc Jughead in to provide. Excelsior!


  7. ChiliDawg

    Hehe, that’s pretty funny. But when someone takes you out back behind the woodshed you naturally are going to try to play it off as “we just talked.”