That money’s got to go somewhere.

Here are gross revenue and profit figures for all 14 SEC football programs for the fiscal year 07/01/16 to 06/30/17.  (Keep in mind that “profit” is an amorphous term, considering the way athletic departments cook the books with certain expense items like tuition.)

  • Vanderbilt:  $29.0 million ($5.7 million profit)
  • Missouri:  $29.2 million ($8.1 million profit)
  • Mississippi State:  $35.7 million ($12.6 million profit)
  • Kentucky:  $36.4 million ($10.8 million profit)
  • South Carolina:  $60.3 million ($25.5 million profit)
  • Ole Miss:  $62.7 million ($32.3 million profit)
  • Texas A&M:  $70.4 million ($37.3 million profit)
  • Arkansas:  $71.2 million ($33.9 million profit)
  • Florida:  $82.8 million ($49.1 million profit)
  • LSU:  $86.2 million ($56.1 million profit)
  • Auburn:  $91.7 million ($48.9 million profit)
  • Georgia:  $93.3 million ($56.9 million profit)
  • Alabama:  $108.1 million ($45.9 million profit)
  • Tennessee:  $110.7 million ($78.1 million profit)

Quite the bang for the buck there, Volnation.

It’s a little surprising to see Florida’s relatively middle of the pack numbers there, income-wise.  It’s not so surprising, though, to compare the Gators’ profit number with that of Alabama’s when you compare staff expenses.

Alabama, you probably won’t be surprised to learn, has steadily raised its staff compensation over the past decade.  You may be surprised to see the rate at which it’s done so.

Coach 2009* 2020 %change Change
Off. coord. $416,515 $1,200,000 288.1% $783,485
Def. coord. $416,515 $1,100,000 264.1% $683,485
D-line $289,246 $750,000 259.3% $460,754
LBs $376,020 $650,000 172.9% $273,980
Secondary $271,891 $350,000 128.7% $78,109
TE/QB $335,526 $875,000 260.8% $539,474
Sp. teams  — $550,000 $550,000
WRs $260,322 $525,000 201.7% $264,678
RBs $289,246 $425,000 146.9% $135,754
O-line $460,948 $490,000 106.3% $29,052
Total $3,116,229 $6,915,000 221.9% $3,798,771

In case you’re wondering, the asterisk indicates that the 2009 salaries have been adjusted for inflation, which means that’s a real world increase rate of 221.9% in a decade.  (Yes, some of that can be attributed to the addition of a tenth coach this season, but, still.)  The result is that Alabama is paying this staff almost $7 million to coach this season.

By comparison, Florida, even with paying Todd Grantham a record amount for a Gator assistant coach, is paying its staff less than $5 million in 2018.  (Is there another SEC assistant coach making less than $100,000 this season, as Christian Robinson is?)

Give ‘Bama credit for pouring its profits back into the program if you like, but nobody’s missing any meals at either school.  The ultimate point here is that SEC schools are able to lavish huge salaries on coaches because they have lots of income rolling in and only so many places to spend it.  If you think things are at the point where coaches make more money than is justified, that’s the way the market is structured today.  It certainly makes Jimmy Sexton’s life easier.

As a side note, it sure will be interesting to revisit these numbers in a couple of years, when Georgia’s revenues and profits for the 2018 fiscal year are tallied, don’t you think?


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10 responses to “That money’s got to go somewhere.

  1. Uglydawg

    How did UT gross over 110 million?
    You’d think they could have forked out a few thousand to hire the same coach search firm that UGA used.


    • Erk's Forehead

      “the same coach search firm that UGA used”…..bwahahahahahahahahaha. That is some quality humor.


  2. South FL Dawg

    The market? No, that’s the way the tax code is structured.


  3. SpellDawg

    Grantham’s making $1.39m per year at UF; he was making $650,000 per year at MSU. The buyers remorse in Gainesville is going to be f-n awesome!


  4. 92 grad

    The lions share of all this money is from the television networks, right? I still think tv money should be sent directly to the student athletes, if they’re competing on television then television should pay them for it.


  5. DawgPhan

    I asked in the other post, but any of the tax guys out there have a primer on how the new excise tax might impact salaries.

    Is UGA really paying an extra 1.2 million in taxes on smart’s contract?


  6. Go Dawgs!

    Christian Robinson as in our Christian Robinson? Well, that’s certainly disappointing. Gotta go where the job is, I suppose, but if you aren’t even making more than $100 grand I’d suggest you could have potentially found a better gig elsewhere. Hopefully his exile in the Gator Nation will only be this season.


    • DawgPhan

      have heard good things about Robinson as an up and coming coach. I suspect he will continue to do well in coaching.


  7. DawgByte

    How hysterical would it be if Senator Blutarsky accepted a position within the NCAA!

    Senator, I recommend Zoloft for your condition. I understand it helps to reduce OCD symptoms including; but not limited to, paycheck envy, jealousy, political correctness and pay for play brain damage.