Today, in no doubt this will end well


No, really.

Schools in bed with sports books… and to think some of you are concerned about player compensation ruining college sports.



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14 responses to “Today, in no doubt this will end well

  1. paul

    What could possibly go wrong?


  2. AusDawg85

    To the “they get paid enough now” crowd…think a WVU receiver appreciates all that “compensation” or will listen to a shady bettor paying him $10G to drop a couple of passes during the game? If the counter-argument is he’d take the money even if he got paid a $100,000 stipend/salary/endorsement then we’ll agree the kid would be a criminal already…and could already be doing it. But I submit there might be less temptation if he didn’t need the bettor’s money.

    Now add the fact that WVU is making even more money from legal gambling, and how will that receiver feel about getting a piece of the pie?

    I’m painfully coming to a conclusion that college football may be coming to an end sooner than I feared. Just hope our Dawgs can grab a Natty before the bottom falls out.


    • Got Cowdog

      “Now add the fact that WVU is making even more money from legal gambling, and how will that receiver feel about getting a piece of the pie?”
      I am probably misunderstanding your intent, but according to the NCAA, it doesn’t matter how or how much the school makes, A student athlete is not entitled to nay allowed to share any of it other than a COA stipend and scholarship. What difference does it make how said receiver feels about it?


      • AusDawg85

        My hypothetical receiver may be even more inclined to think “F it. Everybody is making more and more money on me but me.” Look at Todd Gurley willing to risk what he did with signing his autograph for a few hundred dollars. If WVA was also reporting $10M in revenue from legal gambling, are we putting to much pressure on these kids to resist temptation (of cheating) while bringing more temptation right to their doorstep?

        Let me also try another angle in opposition to a comment below. Do you think the value of the scholarship, room, board, training, etc. is growing at the same rate as the revenues of the schools? If not, then why is that “fair” and why stand opposed to the stipends growing, especially when a potentially huge new source of revenue like legal gambling is being added?

        If the only remaining argument is “the NCAA won’t let the schools pay more” then we agree on who needs to fix the problem. Frankly, it looks like the courts are going to fix it for them and I would submit that is the worst way to solve a problem within their control.


  3. PharmDawg

    Why not pay the players? Every day that goes by, college football inches closer and closer to NFL minor league. Just get it over with, FFS.


  4. Hill Billy Dawg

    Just heard that literally minutes ago on Knoxville sports radio. They mentioned that the governor of that bastion of of Americana would be reviewing this further.


  5. Bard Parker

    They already offer betting on dogs and horses..


  6. Bamadawg

    I say go ahead and pay them. Let recruiting become a bidding war (like the NFL).

    Maybe the best way would be to use the 247 composite and do a draft. Like last year Fields could have went to Idaho and Lawerence to Miami(ohio). Sign them to 2 year contracts and then renegotiate after than. They can either try and go to tue NFL or try and get another contract.

    I like the idea of doing away with the 85 man limit also. If Oregon (with knight’s money) can afford 100 players, who are we to stop them.


  7. 92 grad

    I love college football, UGA, and I really don’t care if Kirby can get the natty, just beat Alabama. Then college ball can blow up.


  8. Mayor

    Gov. Jim Justice…..Isn’t he the brother of Sheriff Buford T. Justice?