A move so obvious…

… even Gus Malzahn gets it.

The Auburn Tigers have the tough task of facing rivals Georgia and Alabama on the road this fall. If coach Gus Malzahn had his way, that wouldn’t be the case.

During an appearance on Birmingham’s WJOX’s 3 Man Front on Thursday, Malzahn was asked if he’d like to break up the time between playing Georgia and Alabama. Malzahn responded by saying the timing — Auburn plays Georgia on Nov. 10 then Alabama on Nov. 24 — wasn’t his concern.

Instead, Malzahn has more of an issue with both being on the road.

“I think the big thing is having them staggered — one at home and one away [each year] would probably be the best for those two at the end,” Malzahn said. “Last year, it was two at home, this year it’s two away. If you look back at 2010, we played Georgia at home and played Alabama away. That would be my wish.”

No doubt Auburn fans got a huge rush from the way the two home games against their biggest rivals played out in 2017.  This year’s when they get the hangover from it.

C’mon, SEC.  Get your shit together.

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19 responses to “A move so obvious…

  1. Spike

    Bite me Gus! Didn’t the Barn get two home games in a row with us recently? Didn’t hear him bitchin’ bout that.

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    • heyberto

      +1. We took the hit on that and it screwed our home scheduling for November (now we have Auburn & Tech at home in the same year.. better to have those two rivalry games flip flop).

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    • Raleigh St. Claire

      Uh, it hurts us too. We have to play Auburn and Georgia Tech on the same type of cycle, which sucks out loud.

      Gus is right.

      It’s not his fault our mealy-mouthed, dipshit of an AD agreed to play Auburn in Auburn two years in a row.

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  2. Jack Burton

    Fuck auburn


  3. Mayor

    I hope Gus understands that to make the change he’s talking about Auburn has to play in Athens two consecutive years.

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    • We_Will_Get_Fooled_Again

      That would be fair and just. We had to play at Auburn two years in a row in ’12 and ’13. The second of those games, of course, was the Miracle on the Plains. If that game were in Athens, as originally scheduled, Auburn perhaps doesn’t win and has no SEC championship to show for that season, and the hated Tide probably have another national title.

      Time to pay up, Aubies.

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  4. Dawglicious

    I do not care for Awburn.


  5. AthensRules

    Yep…easy fix here for Gus and Auburn. Play UGA two years in a row on the road and it is corrected. Only the two teams are affected with this change so it Auburn feels so strongly about it then they should do it. A great by product of this for UGA is that it would improve the November home schedule by at least having one of those teams in Sanford yearly.

    Do it Auburn!


  6. Merk

    I am sure if it changes, it will be some stupid crap like them playing Alabama 2 years in a row away.


  7. Uglydawg

    The Georgia Way would dictate that we play them in Auburn twice in a row again. That would fix it and would be a solution McG could live with.
    (and the sad thing is that although I meant this as a sarcastic joke, there was a time not too long ago when it might have been a real concern).

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    • Bill Glennon

      You are absolutely right. That’s the way the UGA brass would look at this. Richt would have gone along. No way Kirby will do that.


  8. Russ

    Why did it change to begin with? And why is it so difficult to change back?


  9. Go Dawgs!

    If he’s willing to play in Athens two years in a row to make up for the two years in a row we had to go to the Barn, then I’m all for it. But if we change it back, it absolutely will not be on Georgia to visit them twice in a row again. I will go to my grave believing that the Dawgs would have won that 2013 Prayer at Jordan-Hare game if it had been Between the Hedges as it should have been.


  10. PTC DAWG

    I heard no bitching last year…F the barn.


  11. We are all on the same page. It’s pretty simple. Play Georgia ‘away’ in back to back years and it will clean that up and it will even out the home and away, giving UGA back a home game when the SEC changed up the schedule. They can time it with the schedule change of adding one more SEC school to each teams schedule. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist)…

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