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This is what Greg In Charge looks like.

If you’re wondering who wears the pants in Butts-Mehre these days, look no further than the buyout provisions in Kirby’s new contract.

The buyout for Smart if he were to resign or terminate the agreement is as follows depending on the calendar year:

2018: $6 million

2019: $6 million

2020: $4 million

2021: $3 million

2022: $2 million

2023: $1 million

2024: no buyout.

If Georgia were to fire Smart without cause, he would be paid 65 percent of any remaining compensation owed to him.  [Emphasis added.]

That would be at the start of:

2019: $27.56 million

2020: $23.20 million

2021: $18.79 million

2022: $14.24 million

2023: $9.55 million

2024: $4.81 million

Jimmy Sexton has been given a license to manipulate Butts-Mehre financially for the lifetime of Kirby’s gig in Athens.  That’ll show him who’s boss.

I hope Jimmy’s at least gracious enough to send McGarity a Christmas card every year.



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Congressional revenge is a dish best served cold.

Rep. Mark Walker is chairman of the Republican Study Committee, the largest Republican caucus in the House.  He hails from North Carolina, so this shouldn’t surprise you in the least.

… A three-sport letterman at Trinity Baptist College in Jacksonville, Fla., Walker and his staff have been studying the issue and considering legislative solutions since 2016 — the same year the NCAA, the ACC and the NBA moved sporting events out of North Carolina due to the passage of House Bill 2. At the time, Walker criticized the NCAA as “elitists who are attempting to extort and embarrass North Carolina for defending its citizens.”

What issue, you may ask?  Why, what else would hurt like a pocketbook issue?

The chairman of a powerful group of Republicans in the U.S. House called on the NCAA to allow college athletes to profit from their name, image and likeness, joining a growing chorus of influential people advocating for major change to the way colleges treat student-athletes and threatening legislation if the NCAA does not make changes quickly.

Rep. Mark Walker, from Greensboro, wrote that current NCAA rules regarding the name, image and likeness of college athletes “strips them of their identity and sovereignty over their public image.”

“As with every other freedom, they don’t go away. They are just transferred to empower someone else. In this case, those publicity rights and the large wealth created by them are held tight by school athletic departments, sports conference board rooms and NCAA administrators,” Walker wrote in an opinion article for The News & Observer.

Now, before you go ahead and hail the man as Jeffrey Kessler’s blood brother, note that “Walker is not in favor of paying players, his spokesman said.”  Freedom only goes so far.

This is more along the lines of “Nice little amateurism racket you got going there, NCAA.  Shame if anything were to happen to it.”  Which is what you risk when you stick your snout where it’s not wanted.

Bottom line, this is more light than heat.  But it’s also a good indication that seeking an antitrust exemption in Congress is likely to face choppier waters than the schools would prefer.


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The Saban Rules, a continuing development

The NCAA has approved a rule limiting the number of people who can communicate through headsets during a game to 20 per team, including 15 coaches.

I figure it’s only a matter of time before the University of Alabama begins ramping up studies on mental telepathy.


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