Today, in eyeballs

The next time somebody tells you an all SEC national title game would be a complete ratings disaster, set ’em straight.

The 2018 College Football Playoff (CFP) National Championship Presented by AT&T between Georgia and Alabama on ESPN delivered the second biggest audience in cable television history, solidifying the College Football Playoff’s place in history as a ratings juggernaut with the four biggest TV audiences in cable history and seven of the top 10.  This year’s game produced a total live audience* of 29,932,000 viewers. The inaugural CFP game on ESPN in 2015 between Ohio State and Oregon remains No. 1 with 33,395,000 viewers.

And the next time somebody complains about there being too many bowl games…

The 39 postseason college bowl games on ABC, CBS, ESPN, ESPN2, FOX and FS1 at the conclusion of the 2017 season averaged 5,308,000 viewers per game (representing an 8 percent increase over last season and a 3 percent increase from two years ago) while reaching 122 million unique fans† on television. (The figures include the Air Force Reserve Celebration Bowl, which was played at the FCS level, but not the AutoNation Cure Bowl and the Nova Home Loans Arizona Bowl, both telecast on CBSSN, which is not rated by Nielsen Media.)

Mickey’s certainly getting his money’s worth.

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18 responses to “Today, in eyeballs

  1. Biggus Rickus

    I really don’t understand complaints by college football fans about the number of bowl games. Why would you not want to watch a little bit more college football?


    • DoubleDawg1318

      If other people want more bowl games for 6-6 MAC teams, then I’m fine with it. Personally, I only watch pieces of about 10 games or fewer during bowl season. I don’t watch games where I don’t have a rooting interest.

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    • Russ

      Left to my own devices (meaning no family obligations), I’d gladly watch them all. I’m still mad they took away my Tuesday night MACtion.


      • Macallanlover

        Pretty much agree, although I don’t watch all of them before Christmas Day, and then, only bits and pieces unless I have some interest in a specific matchup or player. But after that, I watch every one not overlapped by another game. My pet peeve about bowls isn’t the quantity, it the scheduling that limits my ability to view them all…especially the early games on New Year’s Day where 3 games involving SEC over all on at one time. Do not understand why putting an alternate choice against the Rose Bowl and/or SugarBowl wouldn’t be a net a net ratings win. Always provide an option, for obvious reasons. Also, surprised letting RS players on the field hasn’t been adopted. I thought it had some steam and would get done with all the discussions this past year.


    • Dolly Llama

      I’ve thrown this idea out there pretty much every time bowl season gets debated in this space, but if you wanted to give that time of the year a lot more interest, let redshirts play without penalty. It’d make up, in some small way, for the growing number of NFL-bound players sitting out “meaningless” bowls.


  2. John

    Hopefully we can put to rest the old “no-none wants to see a re-match between SEC teams” nonsense.


  3. Jack Burton

    Imagine the numbers for these post season games when gambling is fully legalized in most states…


  4. Mallard-Drake

    No offense to you Senator, but any article mentioning the Natty still upsets my stomach to this day.


  5. UGA '97

    And tomorrow, in Butts in Seats…a major decline….


  6. ugafidelis

    I’d be willing to bet that Rose Bowl game helped at least a little with those numbers.


  7. I would bet good money that at least 25,000,000 of those watching were pulling for UGA. After seeing the SECCG and Rose Bowl most people felt the Dawgs would beat Bama and may even stomp the shit out of them. That’s why people were watching. ( Also, the 2 best teams in CFB were playing). If not for the refs and a train car load of luck, we are NC.


  8. Tony Barnfart

    i was always annoyed by the “rematch” dialogue. This was 2 teams from opposite divisions that get together less often than bill and hillary clinton.


  9. 81Dog

    Maybe it’s like the electoral college, it isn’t the raw number of viewers, it’s the demographic makeup. Us dumb old rednecks down south don’t count as much as the monies elites in Manhattan or Beverly Hills. Maybe ESPN should just run a Kardashian special or a Modern Family marathon instead of the crudity of football


  10. Bulldog Joe

    Take Tennessee, Florida, and Georgia Tech out of the postseason and TV ratings go up.

    Who knew?

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