You better, you better, you bet.

With yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling ending the federal prohibition on sports betting, you’d best get ready for this scenario to be tossed around.

Now, college athletics will have to deal with the players who don’t get paid.

Legalized sports betting works in the professional model, because, for the most part, the players are making so much coin that it’s not worth the risk to mess with monkeying with their games.

Let’s say you’re a 19-year-old star shooting guard, or starting quarterback, or any college athlete who doesn’t have any real money. Yes, there’s always been the idea of game fixing and the athletes have always been vulnerable, but now this is different.

There’s a difference between some shady character trying to get a player to do something to affect an outcome, and a player telling his roommate or friend to go on their phone and place a wager.

Sure, there are currently ways for enterprising youngsters to bet, but that’s a much bigger PITA now than it may become as states inevitably chase their share of the wagering public’s dollar.  And it’s going to be awfully tempting for kids who see big bucks swirling around everyone else who participates in their sport.

Does anyone figure the NCAA has the first clue what to do about it?


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24 responses to “You better, you better, you bet.

  1. Gaskilldawg

    I don’t.


  2. Dawg1

    Truly Pandora’s box has been opened. I don’t think anyone can really anticipate the depth of the issues we may face. Kind of a shame actually.


  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    Fixing games has always been a problem. It’s just bigger now.


  4. dawgfan1995

    I think fixing games will not be as big of an issue as the potential for little “fixes” — the prop bets that could come, like “will the first pass be incomplete?”


    • TXBaller

      $500 cap on most bets. No fast money to be made.


    • TXBaller

      Most props…


      • dawgfan1995

        In fairness, $500 times 10 guys in a dorm with a pay off of, say, $250 for the right call (so $750 return) could easily be worth a kickback to the QB of, say, $50 a guy. I mean, we had players sell their jersey for $1000 for spending money, so why wouldn’t a QB be willing to “help” out for $500 and his buddies get $200 extra a piece?


  5. TXBaller

    Nothing has changed. Fix/shave points – go to jail.


  6. Mayor

    Games are already being fixed. Did you watch the 2017 National Championship Football Game? Gamblers owned the refs in that game. But from the NCAA, the SEC, the State of Georgia AG’s office, the GBI, the Fulton County and Atlanta PD, the Fulton County DA’s office, and the FBI…….crickets.


    • mwo

      You beat me to it Mayor. That game and the vandy game a few years ago with the targeting calls. SEC officials have been fixin’ games for years. Where did Steve Shaw go to college?


    • PTC DAWG

      So you think they all had UGA +3.5? UGA was going to cover easily (as in win outright, as it was, they barely covered the points) without interference from the refs…I just think they are incompetent.


      • Russ

        Yep, my niece dates a guy from Tech. He held his nose and bet on Georgia in the game. I told my wife that he hit the daily double – he won his bet (and his money) but also got to see his rival lose on the field where it counts.


  7. Thorn Dawg

    I’m not worried too much about fixing games. It already happens. Quincy Carter, cough, Quincy. What will be interesting is all of the Prop bets that will be fixed.


  8. The Dawg abides

    One of my first thoughts yesterday was that the NCAA may finally realize it’s time to revamp the system on officials and start using full time refs. Do away with the practice of conferences having their own officials and have a central governing body train and manage them all. There’s certainly enough money to do this, and there’s way too much money involved overall to have some Tech grad financial advisor from Birmingham via Camilla ( cough… Mark Curles…) moonlighting on Saturdays.


  9. Just Chuck (The Other One)

    Can we refer to this as the Black Sox decision? The big question is, who, in the NCAA becomes the new Kenesaw Mountain Landis. Is anyone in the NCAA even capable of that?


  10. Macallanlover

    This change will not add big money bettors, they are already betting large sums, it only adds the penny-ante public guys to pur $10-25 bucks on games. I don’t see a significant change to the likelihood of game fixing.

    To me, the role of the NFL should be to prohibit current players associated with gambling from playing, and also those associated while in college. Make them ineligible for the draft. They have a bigger bat in this than the ineffective NCAA will.


    • Macallanlover

      Should add, I realize all players know they aren’t draft material, but it would be a concern for the athletes most likely to be tartgeted to influence the outcome of a game. Think the panic about fixed games is overstated, there are local sports books in every small town in England, and they have been there are decades. Citizens there are just as passionate about soccer, golf, crickets, boxing, etc. as we are about football; I have never heard of a betting scandal there.


      • Look up the tennis betting scandal that the BBC did a lot of reporting on last year. It happens, but I think as long as the leagues are smart about watching for unique betting patterns it’s pretty easy to sniff out something like that.

        To me, the in-game betting is more ripe for abuse especially once ppl in the arena can place bets on their phones. It wouldn’t take a lot of effort for an NBA or college basketball player to have somebody lay a bet that they’ll miss their first free throw, However, most sports books have a pretty low max bet to limit exposure on those.

        I’m actually with you on this one, Mac. Anybody that’s spent more than five minutes in Ireland or England has seen a sports betting booth on every corner of every little town. Hell – there are several Premier League teams whose primary sponsors are betting companies. Anybody that’s crying moral panic over this needs to get over themselves if they’ve ever engaged in an March Madness office pool or made a bet on the golf course.


  11. PTC DAWG

    Y’all do realize that it will be years before Georgia actually lets us bet “legally” on sports in our State, correct? They are looking out for us. Many states were expecting this to happen, and already have laws on the books ready to get into the action…but not Georgia…we are lucky to be able to vote on having a Mimosa before 12:30 on Sunday.


  12. DawgPhan

    Someone should build a pokemon go style AR mobile game but instead of pokemon you gather unique experiences around college football. Unlock new bets at the stadium or sponsored events at taco mac. fast paced winning and losing with microtransactions. just merge the betting with microtransactions and loot boxes that people are already used to.

    So instead of getting to place a wager on an incomplete pass. you buy a loot box that contains a random wager. first play is a run or team B fumbles in the first half. Or makes 5 first downs on a drive. stuff like that. you buy the loot box and then you can “cash” in your wager any time you are at an event where that thing happens. You avoid a lot of the obvious manipulation and lots of people are already very used to this experience.