Had to make sure

This one boggles my mind.

Kansas, it took you more than six years to figure out how incompetent this guy was?  Sheesh.


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11 responses to “Had to make sure

  1. TC405

    It took them six years to figure out they actually had a football team.

    It’s a basketball school.


  2. Other than the Mangino era, when has Kansas even been remotely competent in football? As TC mentioned above, if it isn’t related to basketball, nobody in Lawrence cares.


  3. Walt

    An AD should get fired if he interviews Weiss. Hell, fire if he’s ever spoken to Weiss.


  4. OrlandoDawg

    Fired less than a year after signing a 4-year extension paying 700K a year. Geniuses, all of them.


  5. OurADisAGlorifiedBoatAnchor

    The only reason is Bill Self.