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Turnover margin

Considering the number of D-1 football programs in the state of Florida, this is an amazing little factoid:

Miami’s Mark Richt is already the dean of FBS head coaches in the Sunshine State…

As was the case in Georgia, too.  I wonder how many other coaches over the past two decades can make a similar claim.


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Comedy is hard.

Now this is funny.

Larry Culpepper, the former concession vendor and self-proclaimed inventor of the College Football Playoff, is getting a second chance courtesy of Nick Saban.

Typically reserved for coaching staff, Saban’s wildly successful coaching rehabilitation program is making an exception for the recently unemployed Culpepper. According to sources close to the program, Culpepper will serve as the Crimson Tide’s assistant hydration consultant and share a room with intern analyst Butch Jones.

Treatment coordinator Lauren Harris said Culpepper will undergo a standard orientation program before he is allowed onto the field or contact with any of the players. He is also required to assist Butch Jones with his daily routine of washing and waxing Nick Saban’s vehicle.

“First and foremost, Larry will not be allowed to serve Dr. Pepper or any other beverage that isn’t water or Gatorade to our students and staff. That’s actually not a new rule. We had to put that in place when Kiffin was here,” explained Harris. “Larry will also be required to take a vow of silence because he is incredibly annoying.”

See the difference, fans of “dilly, dilly”?

Only thing missing is a Coke bottle crack, but I digress, probably.


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Forget it, Jake. It’s Cupcakeville.

For those of you who insist that conferences still matter more than the national title hunt…

You can probably guess where that’s going.  Sigh.


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“… a unique scheduling opportunity”

This is what happens when you tire of paying ever higher guarantee fees.

The Florida Gators and USF Bulls have agreed to a three-game series in football, beginning in 2022 in the Swamp.

UF announced the two schools also will play 2023 in Tampa’s Raymond James Stadium and again in Gainesville in 2025.  [Emphasis added.]

That Florida is doing this should tell you we’re not in Jeremy Foley’s world any more.  Color me a little surprised.


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Mr. Conventional Wisdom’s take on this year’s SEC East race

I know you’re on pins and needles, so let’s not waste another minute teasing you.

About Georgia, he says,


Who they will beat: at Missouri, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, at LSU, Florida (in Jacksonville), at Kentucky, Auburn.

Who they will lose to: at South Carolina.

Analysis: Georgia has a lot of rebuilding to do, especially on defense, but they are going to rebuild with very talented players. So the best time to play the Bulldogs will be early. I went to Columbia twice in the spring and the Gamecocks are very much looking forward to Georgia’s visit on Sept. 8. Georgia gets upset at Williams-Brice Stadium and then runs the table to the SEC East championship.

I guess what it takes to beat the Dawgs these days is to be very much looking forward to playing them.  Remember, you heard it here first.


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Starting to get noticed

Historically speaking, I don’t think many folks have viewed Sanford Stadium as one of the most hostile environments in the SEC.  Maybe that’s slowly changing.

Al.com asked 19 SEC players at the NFL combine to list the hardest places to play.  Of the 28 votes cast by the 19 players, Alabama and LSU tied for the most with seven apiece. Auburn had four and Georgia three.  Sure, that ain’t much, but it’s a beginning.  A sample comment:

Jamarcus King, South Carolina

Pick: Georgia

Why: “Because the fans were really into it. When we played them, that was really the first week they were the No. 1 team. The fans were there and loud.”

It’s about us.  And as folks in South Bend witnessed, we travel well, too.


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Throw the damned ball, Chaney.

This may surprise you a little.

Godwin actually shouldn’t.  He’s had the best hands on the team since his arrival.  But, boy, has Hardman been coming on.


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