A Saturday that will live in infamy

I’ve gotta admit this is a good question.  In fact, let’s do a reader poll.

If you want to be a smartass about it, no, the first loss doesn’t have to occur in 2018.


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18 responses to “A Saturday that will live in infamy

  1. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    I went with Vanderbilt, not because I don’t think UT can beat them; more a matter of them beating Vandy before they beat the others. In whatever year


  2. The other Doug

    I said Kentucky.

    The Urnge faithful aren’t gonna like starting out 0-5 in the SEC.


  3. 92 grad

    I wanted to vote Carolina. But went with KY. It all depends on Pruitt’s ability to manage the stuff that goes on in between the kids’ ears. They’ll be beat up and pissed off after Alabama so it’s possible to get a surge and muster enough juice to win a game, just tough to figure out which one.


  4. ChiliDawg

    Kentucky still gets no respect… smh. They were the 2nd best team in the division last year. I voted Missouri.


    • Biggus Rickus

      They finished third, and there’s not a particularly good reason to think they were legitimately better than South Carolina despite the head-to-head result. The East was a big pile of shit last year, and I don’t expect it to be much, if any better this year. Tennesee could conceivably win any of the games outside that early stretch of Georgia, Auburn and Alabama. They could also spiral after an 0-4 conference start and go winless again. I’m all for that. My guess is they’ll beat either Florida or Kentucky to get off the schneid.


  5. ChiliDawg

    I suspect high numbers of Vol fans here because there damn sure better not be 5 Dawgs reading this blog who think the hillbillies are beating Georgia this year.


  6. Uglydawg

    I need more information.
    Who are Tennessee’s cross divisional opponents in 2022?


  7. Not sure which one I’ll pin it on, but I’m guessing their first victory comes in those first five games. I think most of us acknowledge that Pruitt is an excellent game day schemer (at least on defense) and he’s gonna have his teams ready to play. Teams like that will usually win at least one game that they weren’t supposed to win. And it wouldn’t shock me if they win the final 3, though going 2-1 is more likely. I’m thinking 3-5 in the conference sounds about right.


  8. Russ

    I voted Missouri, but I could also go Florida. In fact, I hope it is Florida.


  9. Comin' Down The Track

    I chose The Barn because the ‘Billies get a bye week after they take their hiding in Sanford all the while knowing full well they’ll be taking a second (or possibly fourth, if I’m honest) hiding the following week from the Bammers.


  10. AusDawg85

    When does Fulmer take over?


  11. TMC DAWG

    For UGA to get 11 votes tells me the trolls are out and about. To bad they want identify themselves. Talk about brain damage!


  12. TMC DAWG

    Won’t. Sorry


  13. W Cobb Dawg

    If Pruitt can’t get them psyched up enough to beat fu once in a decade he may as well quit now.


  14. Dawg19

    Pruitt will need a signature victory that is realistic to attain. Florida at home is that game. The kitchen sink will come out for that one.