Throw the damned ball, Chaney.

This may surprise you a little.

Godwin actually shouldn’t.  He’s had the best hands on the team since his arrival.  But, boy, has Hardman been coming on.


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  1. Jack Burton

    Just shows how efficient Fromm is really.

    I would imagine if Wims were returning he’d be on that list as well.


  2. This offense could be outstanding. Of course, that means some here will be saying we score too quickly and need to grind out yards and time. Make sure you tell Godwin or Mecole that as they are running away from defenders after a nicely thrown ball from Fromm or Fields. Step out of bounds at the 5, so we can get one more series and a couple of minutes off the clock.


  3. Russ

    I think Mecole got his mind right after a couple of drops.

    I think this offense won’t miss a beat, despite losing Sony and Nick.

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  4. Dave

    Godwin has been interesting to me. Came in as a 5-star athlete, but didn’t really play much WR in HS to my recollection. He’s not particularly big, and while he’s got decent speed, it’s nothing that jumps out at you. So, great hands, body control, and dedication to being the best route runner and blocker he can (blocking not being relevant to this post, but still) are what make him so good.

    And, of course, Fromm had a good bit to do with that, too.

    We are going to be almost impossible to defend this year if the O-Line gels again. I have a slight concern that Chaney and Coley might be tempted to get a little too fancy, given all the tools in their tool box.

    Back to the lecture at hand, I won’t be surprised to see Godwin have a couple more Notre Dame catches this year.


  5. Erk's Forehead

    What’s the PR when our TE’s are targeted?


  6. DawgPhan

    I know that they want to run the ball, but it would seem that not putting the ball in the their hands is going to be criminal. There are a lot of explosive plays that need to be replaced and these guys can get it done.


  7. A10Penny

    The receivers were very efficient and Fromm was outstanding for a freshman, but those passing numbers were inflated by the run game and defenses stacking the box.