Turnover margin

Considering the number of D-1 football programs in the state of Florida, this is an amazing little factoid:

Miami’s Mark Richt is already the dean of FBS head coaches in the Sunshine State…

As was the case in Georgia, too.  I wonder how many other coaches over the past two decades can make a similar claim.


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8 responses to “Turnover margin

  1. 81Dog

    Coaching D1 football in Florida sounds like about the same job security you’d have as being King of Westeros. Sure, Robert Baratheon had a good run several years ago, and maybe some of the Targaryens before him, but the last several years? Complete revolving door, the subjects, errr, the fan base has no patience.

    Personally, in this analogy, I think Greg McGarity is the Lord of High Garden, but what do I know?