“There’s apparently a lot of money to be made.”

Honestly, just shoot me.  Now.

The overarching question to Wednesday’s esports panel hosted by the Big 12 is one that one day could potentially result in millions of dollars for athletic programs.

During the 90-minute discussion including Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby and knowledgeable people on the fast-growing industry, the panel wondered if a university’s esports program made sense to be governed by the NCAA. Mavs owner Mark Cuban, who sat two seats to Bowlsby’s right inside a ballroom at The Statler hotel in Dallas, didn’t think so.

And while Bowlsby believes esports do not align with traditional athletics, he’s aware of a potential payoff. For schools who are always looking to find ways to increase revenue, the topic is certainly worth exploring as esports continue to gain steam.

The last paragraph is college athletics these days.


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14 responses to ““There’s apparently a lot of money to be made.”

  1. I love Mark Cuban’s quote. I imagine Bowlsby squirmed a bit in his chair and probably made a “Who farted?” face after the remark. These guys don’t want to leave a single dollar on the table. Pure greed, nothing more nothing less.


  2. Mad Mike

    Esports? Good grief, is calling them video games offensive now?


  3. JG Shellnutt

    I was excited about the article until I realized I misread ‘escorts.’


  4. Beave

    Mr. Emmert is going to be beside himself when he finds out how much revenue esports is making when most of the players are between 18-22.


  5. Thorn Dawg

    Georgia Tech’s D&D team went undefeated last year………..


    • Russ

      I kid you not, but Texas and TAMU both have Quidditch teams. I’m sure Tech does too. Texas was national champions one year, much to the delight of my UT wife.

      Don’t ask me how I know this.


  6. AusDawg85

    Slow down…”esports” can only generate revenue if there are “fans” who watch the participants. One source is ad revenue, another is ticket sales. So to be clear, either of those revenue models need “fans” to watch the esport “players”. People watching others play video games….seriously?!

    The continued decline of western civilization.


  7. Argondawg

    I just don’t see there being a ladies division for e sports. They just aren’t very interested in video games. Title 9 people………i kid. i kid.