The next time you see Phillip Fulmer…

you’ll know what to say.

“Every time someone says 0-8, it sickens my stomach, to be honest with you,” Fulmer said, a scowl replacing his smile.


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9 responses to “The next time you see Phillip Fulmer…

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    That’s kind of like “What time is it in Texas” or “Second and 26” (grrrr).


  2. Spike

    Says the Coach who got his fat orange ass run off from there…


  3. Derek

    Phil should just call it a “donut.”

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    Sorry Phil it’s not going to be much better this year.


  5. Ozam

    0-8 made fat Phil a ton of money….Dude is smiling all the way to the bank.


  6. Gaskilldawg

    “Diabetes and obesity creates impotence, Phil”


  7. Is it September yet?

    How does he feel when he hears 41-0?


  8. El Dawgo

    A whole lot of stomach=a whole lot of sickness. GBO?


  9. NCDawgMan

    One thing you can say about The Phat P and Pruitt show is when they go out on the road they speak to all the Big Urange fan base.
    If things go a bit south this season I wonder how many of those private donors HE spoke with at UGA Corporate speaking engagements will be behind him.
    Times are different now, a while back assistant coaches would hit the road and speak in Asheville,NC, Newport Tn. and so many smallish towns and cities to what used to be The Bulldawg Clubs. Even Augusta,Ga was cut out of the speaking tour. ( Not sure it was even called a tour )
    Just ask Julius Caesar what happens when you forget your fans and place your fate in your Corporate Generals …… Et Tu Brute.