Life after Stetson

In case you were wondering why Kirby was keen to retain Stetson Bennett’s services, as best I can tell from sniffing around the Intertubes, here’s who’s left after Fromm and Fields:

  • John Seter.  He’s a redshirt freshman.  At 6-3, he’s certainly taller than Bennett, and, like Bennett, he did pitch in with some scout team work last year.  That’s enough to make him the clear number three going into fall practice.
  • Christian Kerut.  He’s a true freshman from New Orleans who’s a little bigger than Seter.  He’s been through spring practice.  That’s enough to make him number four for now, because…
  • Matthew Downing.  He’s a local boy from Alpharetta who, like Bennett, turned down some small school offers to attend Georgia.  He’s enrolling this summer.

If that list doesn’t scream KIRBY’S LOOKING FOR A GRADUATE TRANSFER QUARTERBACK EVERY WAKING MOMENT OF THE DAY, I don’t know what does.  The irony here is that he’ll likely have to spend the scholarship he was reluctant to give Bennett to get a transfer in the door.  Such are the vagaries of roster management, circa 2018.



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  1. RandallPinkFloyd

    Won’t it be tough to convince a graduate transfer to come be #3 QB with the only chance at meaningful snaps would be both QBs in front of you being injured?

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    • You’re not gonna get an all-conference guy, that’s for sure. What you’re hoping for is a kid with some live game experience who wants a shot at what a program competing for national titles might offer.

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    • Anonymous

      You find a guy that has no chance of being a successful NFL QB and wants to be a coach. The player has plenty of leverage to demand a GA position after the Grad Transfer year(s),

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  2. I’m assuming this rule is still in place?

    That’s the difference in signing a graduate transfer to a scholarship – that scholarship won’t have to be counted against a signing class. If he gave one to Stetson, it would. I’m pretty sure that’s also why Blankenship didn’t get a scholarship until he had been on campus over 2 years.


  3. I dunno, two 4-5 star studs and 3 tackling dummies seems better than most schools have. Do we need a transfer?


  4. Bright Idea

    Sign of the times. Nobody’s ever wanted to be a backup but now shopping for a new place is the thing to do. Too bad QB is unique, you only want one starter but need at least 3 who can start.


  5. Spike

    Sam Vaughn.. we hardly knew ya..


  6. ApalachDawg

    If we lose two QBs in a season, it won’t matter who the hell the 3rd QB will be. Our season will be over.


    • Charles

      I’m inclined to that thought as well, but then I remember that there are levels to how bad a season can get. It could be the difference between 6-6 and 2-10.


      • Otto

        If the run to pass ratio is anything like last year, I think a preferred walk on could get 6-6. But yes 2 season ending injuries, UGA likely is out of the national title hunt.

        The more RPOs UGA runs the more likely a QB injury is. If UGA ran an old pocket passer offense where the goal is to keep the QB’s jersey spotlessly clean, the OL likely keeps the QB safe. However, even Fromm made a key block to win the Rose.

        A grad transfer maybe an easier sell on education, any likely grad transfer to UGA knows he has little chance to start and thus little chance of getting signed in the NFL from UGA or his current school. You are looking at a transfer from a lesser program who has game experience and is looking to get an actual education or contacts to be a grad assistant and get into coaching. Or maybe a UGA cheerleader dating an ACC QB?


    • Uglydawg

      If our number one (Fromm) goes down, it will be disastrous. Just became he was able to come in as a true freshman and play lights-out doesn’t mean Fields will be able to. I hope he can, but it is a rare young man that can handle that kind of responsibility. This is NOT a knock on Fields..he’s going to be great..I just don’t want him to have to shoulder the whole thing as Fromm did in ’17. Lightning doesn’t often strike twice in the same place.
      I don’t think CKS should go looking too hard for a number three. I’d say pick your best on campus #3 and work him hard and play him against some early cupcakes..


  7. Bill Glennon

    I would think Terry Godwin could be a serviceable 3rd stringer. He played QB in high school. The playbook would have to be reduced greatly probably, but he can throw a forward pass, handoff and run the wildcat.

    Godwin could bring enough to beat Kentucky or a patsy in a pinch.

    Realistically though, if you lose your first two QBs, then your season is probably shot. I can’t remember UGA losing its top 2 QBs in a season. The only historical analog is Ohio State, the year they won the title under Meyer. That was really unprecedented though.


  8. DawgPhan

    why not just give the scholarship to Stetson? Seems like a no brainer. Why spend the effort to go find a new guy and convince him when that effort could be spent on getting this team better?


  9. anon

    Fretting over injuries (2 atcully) that have yet to occur—-the Georgia way


  10. Ohio State won the national championship with the guy who was third string going into fall practice. Looks like poor roster management. Just kidding. ( I think).


  11. We_Will_Get_Fooled_Again

    I’m just theorizing here, but it seems to me like the urgency to bring in a serviceable no. 3 isn’t primarily about the concern that Fromm and Fields will both get hurt. It’s more about giving us a safety net so we can play Fields next year without worrying about having no one behind him. Right now, Kirby and Chaney might be hesitant about running Fields out there given the perilous lack of depth. A third guy would give us insurance and flexibility.


    • Macallanlover

      Solid point. Fields would be handicapped in that situation. We didn’t let Fromm run the ball last year until Eason was healed and could step in if Jake went down.