Not all penalties are created equal.

Interesting Twitter thread from David Hale:

Quick answer there would appear to be defensive penalties are more costly, but wait…

There’s a fine line between aggressive and undisciplined.  That’s what good coaching is for.

Unless you’re Georgia Tech, in which case it doesn’t matter.



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7 responses to “Not all penalties are created equal.

  1. ASEF

    Penalties have a ref psychology factor built into them. Watch Georgia’s opponent penalties drop next year, even as the talent gap widens. Call it a mercy factor, I guess. Fewer penalties get called when a game is well out of hand, especially on the trailing team.


  2. Greg

    Wonder what “non-flags” cost the Dawgs last game…..

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  3. ASEF

    I wonder how many Dawg fans, much less CFB fans, are acting with their wallets and/or eyeballs on that issue?

    Which is why it never gets better.


  4. Matt in Australia

    Except in the rare cases of intentional delays-of-game, all other things being equal, a team is better off not being penalized. That’s obvious. Maybe the difference in offensive and defensive hardships is that defensive players tend to get penalized for more personal foul-type plays than does the offense, which is usually holding or falsely starting. A better stat would be points sacrificed / yard penalized.


  5. 92 grad

    If the dang refs would call holding it changes everything.