Executed by poor execution

David Wunderlich is taking a look back at Dan Mullen’s playcalling at Mississippi State to get a handle on what’s in store for Gator fans this season.  I know you’ll enjoy this Twitter thread about the Georgia-MSU game as much as I do.

If it makes David feel any better, Florida looked worse against Georgia than Mississippi State did.  Nowhere to go but up, at least.


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11 responses to “Executed by poor execution

  1. ASEF

    Mullin seems a “repair the foundation” hire, with “fingers crossed he has some upside over that.”


  2. The other Doug

    Good stuff.

    Mullen brought the MSU Oline coach with him to Florida. Gotta like that.


  3. KornDawg

    The guards smashing into each other is funny. Two of my buddies played HS ball and both were OL. They did this exact thing in a game, one pulled the wrong way and they collided. They won the state title, though. So it worked out in the end.


    • JasonC

      Wasn’t there a clip or gif of Florida linemen doing the same thing when they crapped the bed versus Georgia Southern?


      • KornDawg

        There is one of two of them blocking each other. It looks like they were engaged with a Southern player, and that player fell or something, and the two turds locked up with each other.
        Here it is


  4. Normaltown Mike

    great links, thanks!

    I was watching this from my room at La Posado in Santa Fe so it brings back doubly good memories


  5. Kdawg

    Ole Cousin Eddie, I hope we mudhole them so bad he calls MSU back and asks or his old job back. Screw the gayturds!!!

    GO DAWGS!!!!


  6. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    AH, yes, good memories! I need another shower. 😉


  7. W Cobb Dawg

    Per the 6 subs; those substitutions of 2017 are gonna pay off big in 2018. The tendency to use a lot of players and huge leads over 15 games combined to get our young’uns got a lot of playing time. If nothing else, we should have a fundamentally sound defense this year.


  8. Brandon

    That was one of the more enjoyable games of the year. I thought we’d beat them, but the degree of dominance was unexpected. I’ll never forget some Miss State guy was talking so much trash on Dawg Sports the week leading up to the game, he had to eat it all.