Scheduling note

I don’t this comes as a surprise to anyone, but it’s still nice to see the confirmation.

Should be hot as hell, so I think I’ll catch this one in the comfort of my man cave.


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22 responses to “Scheduling note

  1. 92 grad

    I live about 80 miles north of Columbia and it’s freaky how different the climate is down there. Hottest place I’ve ever been.

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    • 81Dog

      It’s like Macon, only without the winsome municipal charm and even higher humidity.


      • 86BONE

        Y’all come on out here to Houston, I’ll show you hot. So damn hot out here today I saw a dog chasing a cat…and they were both walking!
        Grew up in Augusta and lived in Columbia as well, and yes, they are hot as fish grease too!


      • Gravidy

        As a Macon native who left as soon as I could, I approve this comment.



    Better than night, IMHO….for UGA that is….


    • Argondawg

      That is what I was thinking. I want to play during the day there. No night game over there.


      • Uglydawg

        Yep..better to wilt the enthusiasm of the home crowd, give our depth a chance to make a difference, and maybe that rooster will die from heat stroke.


  3. 79Dawg

    Can’t be any worse than the last time we were scheduled to play a game at 3:30 over there…


  4. I was happy to see CBS pick this one over the Clemson-Texas A&M game. I’d prefer to never again play a night game in Columbia.


  5. Athens Dog

    Worst place in the world to watch a game……even worse than tech. Man cave with air conditioning for me.


  6. Jim

    Y’all are pathetic. I’ll be at Williams Brice and will take pleasure in watching the energy drain from the crowd as we squeeze the life out of the poultry


  7. JT

    Hey, if you need a buyer for your tickets, I am in. I have never been to Columbia.


    • Drink plenty of water if you go. You’ll need it.


      • Russ

        And be ready for a fight. Last time I was there, saw some “fans” challenge the bus load of coaches wives to a fight because the bus parked such that it blocked their view of the stadium.


      • Jim

        Was there in ‘12 and ‘14 (plus a couple others). It won’t be as hot as UGA clemson was in ‘14


      • Jeffrey Hall

        Based on the advice from you and Russ, I think I have trained for that game my whole life. I have extensive training and experience in both. Go Dawgs!


  8. We’re going to beat their @$$3$ as the Dawgs assert their dominance over the East.