Liberation, SEC style

Should we call this the Maurice Smith Rule?

I look forward to Nick Saban and Roll Bama Roll telling the rest of the conference we’ve been warned.


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  1. Can a coach still restrict a grad transfer from attending another SEC school?


    • Per Jason Butt:

      However, under NCAA rules, SEC commissioner Greg Sankey said athletic programs can still block players from transferring to certain schools.

      That could change soon as this graduate transfer legislation in the SEC comes before a planned NCAA vote to allow student-athletes to grant a notification of transfer instead of requesting permission to leave an institution. If this NCAA rule passes, schools across college athletics will no longer be allowed to block players from transferring to particular institutions.


  2. jhorne2000

    Maurice Smith did not sit out a year , what an I missing ?


  3. Lrgk9

    Well, Sankey should now have time to address Headphone Gate.

    Lord knows the work around. My wife said just have a conference call and use a wireless care Bluetooth speaker phone out of your car.
    You can get ‘em for 20-30$ at Amazon or Sharper Image.


    • Uglydawg

      They use several different frequencies (I’ll bet) One for the OC and his coaches on the field, one for the defense, one for the head coach and the high box, one for the tv replay screener to a bench lacky etc. Oh..and one for the guy that tells the for the lip reader who watches the opposing bench with binoculars, etc.


  4. ASEF

    So, Maurice graduates in August, he’s in Athens moments afterwards, but he was held up. OK.


    • Spur 21

      Yes he was.


      • ASEF

        No, he wasn’t. He didn’t know for sure where he was going after graduation, but the issue was resolved by the time he graduated.

        Honestly, if Smart’s starting dime told him after spring practice that he was going to grad transfer in August after completing his summer term, I honestly believe Smart would have done the same thing under the old rules. He prevented a kid from going to Miami to follow Richt. He couldn’t even hold back on a little “kids these days” after his 3rd string QB decided to move on.

        I’m glad the rule changed, but the Smith thing has been subject to a lot of revisionist history.

        Yes, Saban was an asshole about it. But he didn’t cost Smith a single practice at Georgia.


  5. Hogbody Spradlin

    Something about the idea of Bama (or anybody) raiding graduate transfers. I think this raiding business will be few and far between. If they’re good enough, won’t they have good draft rating?


    • Mayor

      I respectfully disagree HB. You’ll see the backup QB at every school trying to shop himself around as soon as he gets a diploma. Same for a host of backup players at every position. But QB will be the main position. And every time a coach jumps from one school in the SEC to another SEC program (like Dan Mullen) a bunch of players will follow if they have a degree already or can get one by overloading in summer. This is going to be like MLB where one year a guy plays for your team and the next he plays for your biggest rival–against you.


      • Hogbody Spradlin

        I know I’m picking at your argument, but junior and senior backup quarterbacks and second stringers just aren’t going to get ‘raided’ that often. They’re certainly going to transfer in greater numbers, but the loss will be “better luck at your new school.’ Also, keying off Blutarski’s ‘we’ve been warned’ line, I just kinda feel that the Bamas of the world (is there more than one?) are so stocked with talent that anybody they’d want to raid will be good enough to be declaring for the draft.

        Players shopping and transferring more – agreed.
        Raiding – not as much as we fear.


  6. Bright Idea

    I think the biggest fear of all coaches is this is the first step to free transfer, grad or not, without sitting out or any strings attached. Pro league free agency has them spooked. Me too. Recruit a kid from 8th grade, he rides the bench as a freshman and leaves mad. I know, the coach can leave mad too with no restrictions.