Today, in fan friendly experiences

When clear plastic bags aren’t enough…

Better budget more time to get into Sanford Stadium.  I figure by 2025, they’ll be requiring frisks and strip searches.


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30 responses to “Today, in fan friendly experiences

  1. Cousin Eddie

    Something tells me this will only apply to the peasents at Sanford.


  2. Do jack Daniels bottles set off the metal detector?


  3. 79Dawg

    Other than “all the pro teams/leagues are doing it”, is this really necessary??? Despite the fears of many that everyone’s going to be brandishing at games, is there an actual instance of that even happening???
    I’ll bet they will end up pairing this with permitting alcohol sales so there is some give in creating more hassle…


    • JasonC

      Like you said, this is common place at the pros so I don’t see why it’s unreasonable at universities (or at least events with 3000+ or so).

      And I’m not sure that waiting for bullets to fly at the Egg Bowl or in Little Rock are the best plans for saying it’s time to do something.


  4. Hobnail_Boot

    Section HD gets more attractive every year.



    Really sad that our society has come to this.


    • dawgtired

      Seriously! My wife and I were discussing this last night after she and fellow employees had to attend a ‘shooter-seminar’. They spent most of the day with the office (medical) closed for the event. The instructor let my wife know that she would be the first to die because of her location next to the door. He told her that at least the sound of the first shots (at her) would save others and he proceeded to tell the others what to do to save themselves. Only weeks ago, my daughter’s school went through a ‘practice run’, where parents were alerted that the school was under a lock-down.
      There seems to be no answer to stop the increase in violence. Many times the violence is even glorified by some.


      • ChiliDawg

        What’s sad is that instead of trying to reduce the number of guns out there, we try to condition women and children to be shot at, instead. One of the sickest things I’ve ever seen is a video of scared children huddling in their class rooms while a cop walks through the hallways firing blanks “to mentally prepare them for an active shooter.” What a great country. “BUT MUH GUN RAHTS.”


  6. The Georgia Way

    Rest assured, we are already in front of this and have ordered a refurbished metal detector for each of our Sanford Stadium gates.

    Keep in mind, we have requested and have received SEC clearance for a prescreening exemption for all of our Magill Society donors.



  7. Just Chuck (The Other One)

    Forget tailgating. You won’t have time with the added wait to get into the stadium.


  8. Snoop Dawgy Dawg

    man, how much will it cost to rent tailgate spots in front of the strip search line for the student gate? They could build a brand new basketball arena off you creeps


  9. 79Dawg

    I’m only half kidding when I say that the waits outside Sanford, sans metal detectors, is at least half as bad as the wait at the Dome was for the SEC championship or natty…


  10. ASEF

    So, how much extra will they charge for express security lanes?

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  11. DawgDays

    Finally, someone is taking on those assault stadium chair nuts!


  12. South FL Dawg

    I must be the only one that thinks this is necessary and it has nothing to do with alcohol or guns.


  13. Brandon

    I’m glad they are doing it. If they are going to ban guns, there needs to be a legit enforcement mechanism, otherwise the only people the ban deters are regular folks who fear prison. Most of these mass shooters don’t intend to survive that long.


  14. Rudy Quillian

    I’ll have to give up my “G” belt. It sets off the metal detector at the courthouse every time.


  15. Ed Kilgore

    Brings back bad memories of standing in the freezing rain at the 2018 CFB championship game–already suffering from a terrible cold, and several thousand bucks in the red for the privilege of it–to get through the mags to go watch the Dawgs lose the heartbreaker. In that case I could at least blame it on Donald Trump, whose brief appearance necessitated all the extra security. If it becomes normal, that’s yet another reason to stay home and watch it on the tube. Nobody’s likely to gun me down there.


  16. I get the safety and security angle, but if this is handled as well as they handle admission, you’ll need to be in Athens on Wednesday for a game on Saturday.

    As others have said, this may be the straw to break the camel’s back for those considering Section HD.

    The fun of game days is slowly being sucked out. I can only hope now that a championship happens before I go the golf course on fall Saturdays.


  17. Debby Balcer

    They screen in Jacksonville and it does not take long but maybe it is because they use experienced people. They need to start training early and better quality people working the gates. There is a guy at gate six that hassles people every game if he is involved in the screening we will never get in. He checks my husband binoculars every game to make sure they are not a place to hide liquor. We don’t drink before the game or act obnoxious so it is very irritating.


  18. Macallanlover

    Looking for the positive, aren’t cowbells made out of metal? I may give up my TV on home game days if I could land the strip search positions at the student entrance!

    After watching the video of today’s fruitcake driver with her car on a Little League field in Maine running after players, coaches, and umpires. After so many examples of sickos and folks after their 15 minutes of fame, we should realize it isn’t the instrument used that causes these problems. Vehicles, guns, knives, explosive devices, etc. have all been used to create mayhem. I went to HS with guns on campus every day, never was one used to do what we see regularly on the news. Blaming the instrument is stepping away from the problem(s), imo.

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  19. AusDawg85

    We need to be screening for stupid and/or deranged, not metal. Just have gate attendants take your ticket and ask: “Do you have a weapon? Are you really angry right now? Are you a member of ISIS? Are you an Auburn fan?”

    At least one “yes” response should get you kicked out.