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Today, in asking for a friend, political wankery edition


California’s ban on state-funded travel grew to include a ninth state on Friday with Attorney General Xavier Becerra announcing new restrictions on public employees attending work-related events in Oklahoma.

Since 2017, California has forbidden state employees from traveling to states with laws that California leaders perceive to be discriminatory against gay and transgender people.

Becerra in a news release said he added restrictions on Oklahoma because the Southern state adopted a law that could allow adoption services agencies to refuse to work with gay and transgender people…

The law prohibits the California State University and University of California systems from sending staff members or students to states on the banned list. The public university systems continue to send their athletic teams to those states for post-season events, such as the NCAA basketball tournament or college football bowl games.

Assemblyman Matt Harper, R-Huntington Beach, has asked Becerra’s department to issue a formal opinion on whether Low’s law applies to college sports. The department assigned an attorney to the question, but has not released a report.

UCLA’s football team is scheduled to play at the University of Oklahoma on Sept. 8.

I could see how that might be a problem.

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“Why would they be punished if they weren’t involved in the scandal or the situation?”

Maybe it’s just me, but

The SEC also voted to allow players to transfer from one league school to another and become immediately eligible if the former program is facing an NCAA-mandated postseason ban.

That scenario is currently in play, as Ole Miss will be banned from a bowl game for a second consecutive season.

“If a kid goes to a school and gets caught up in doing something that is not of his doing, he should not be punished for something that the school did wrong,” first-year Texas A&M coach Jimbo Fisher told reporters in Destin. “He ought to have the ability to go out. I know that’s controversial, but those kids only have a four-year window.

In what other world besides the cloistered one SEC head football coaches inhabit does it seem controversial to let a kid out of a situation like that?


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The Process works in mysterious ways, my friends.

Oh, Booch.  I hope it’s worth it.

After that, he had to go pick up Saban’s dry cleaning.

I guess this is how Nick breaks a former head coach down until he’s ready to do things the right way.  It’s kind of like running a communist re-education camp.

(I keed, I keed.)


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