A game that will always make me smile.

I’ve seen a lot of great games in Jacksonville — more than my share of crappy ones, too, but I digress — but the one I’ll probably go to my grave enjoying the most was Georgia’s 1985 24-3 upset of Florida.  The Gators came into that game ranked first nationally for the first time in school history.  It didn’t last long, thanks to a relentless rushing attack (344 rushing yards) and Muddy Waters’ game-long encampment in the Florida backfield.

Here’s the last of the three touchdowns Georgia scored that day, Tim Worley’s 89-yard jaunt.

I defy any Georgia fan not to be grinning after watching that.



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26 responses to “A game that will always make me smile.

  1. DC Weez

    And as a very wise man would scream over and over again after the game, “Kerwin Bell MVP.”


  2. Brandon

    This kind of thing is why the 90’s were so damn hard to take.


  3. 3rdandGrantham

    That was one of my earliest memories of a UGA game as a kid, and it still is my all-time favorite from the UGA-UF series. What’s amazing about the score is that UF QB (Wayne Peace) threw for over 400 yards, yet they never reached the end zone and bogged down everytime they got in/near the red zone. If I recall, the UGA coaches noticed that UF was tipping off their pass plays, thus guys like Waters knew what was coming and would literally tee off on those many passing downs.


  4. Hogbody Spradlin

    Poor Ole Kerwin was tipping the plays. Terrible, just terrible.
    But that didn’t explain Henderson and Worley running through them. Tee hee.


    • Got Cowdog

      They don’t call it “Tailback U. for nothing.
      Maybe Holyfield and Swift will be the 1-2 that get’s us all the way this year. I wouldn’t want to be the safety that has to go head up with Holyfield once he gets through the LOS.


      • 81Dog

        Didn’t an irate Florida defender refer to Worley, Tate, Henderson, et al, as “rinky dink backs”?

        One thing that made that game so sweet was that Florida had beaten us 24-3 (if I recall correctly) the previous year, and the Gator fans (unaccustomed to success as they were) showed up in 85 figuring they’d never lose to us again, and mouthing off about it.


  5. Former Fan

    I remember that game. Coach Pell and Hall had finally made Florida relevant. This Worley run reminds me of the old joke… how many Florida football players does it take to stop Herschel Walker (or insert any of the 80s running backs)? They don’t know because they can only get 11 on the field. 🙂


  6. Spike

    I was there! Weren’t the Gators rankde #1 for about a week before they played us? Ahhh good times good times..


    • Russ

      Four whole days! Four whole days! (At least that’s what we chanted at the Gators left in the stadium.) 🙂 Glorious day in Jacksonville.

      And I seem to remember Henderson breaking off another long run late in the game only to cut back into the defenders, seemingly to keep the ball and the clock running? Avoid running up the score? IDK. I did hear from a friend/manager on the team in Herschel years that Lastinger got reamed out by Dooley for scoring a TD on a busted play against Tennessee to make the score 44-0. Dooley wasn’t happy, so I always wondered in Henderson avoided a score because of that.


  7. paul

    Proof that I’m getting old: I thought it was Pulpwood Smith that ran all over Florida in that game.


  8. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    I have sooo many good UF memories (because I am old and my experience mainly predates the 90s) but this is up there with “Run, Lindsay, run” and “Appleby to Washington”. All stakes driven into the hearts of every living Gator fan.


  9. Sanford222view

    I was in HHI playing golf with my dad during this game. We had Munson on a radio in the golf cart. Let’s just say we did not adhere to appropriate golf etiquette much that day.


  10. Dawg19

    Here’s Munson’s call of that play and more.


  11. Scott

    I had a premonition that we’d win that day in a gator bowl parking lot when I saw a Dawg Fan holding up a poster that read: “Pell is like Linda Lovelace-he chokes on big ones”.


  12. This ranks as my #2 in-person win vs. UF. I missed 1980 due to being a poor freshman who didn’t know better. 1997 is still my favorite as that was a tough year due to my father passing weeks earlier. Thankfully I went anyway as a kind of distraction from all of that bad stuff- a salve for sure for me!


  13. Opelikadawg

    This was the only WLOCP I’ve seen in person. Florida came in ranked no.1 and their fans were talking major trash before the game. Then we just reamed them. It was like finding a $100 Bill in the pocket of an old suit.


  14. TMC DAWG

    Grin hell ! I laughed my ass off!


  15. lakedawg

    This one ranks right up there with 4th and dumb in my favorites.


  16. Was that the game the J-ville cops beat the shit out of Dawg fans who rushed the field?