“It was counterproductive for the player.”

Maybe it’s just me, but it’s a little funny to hear a guy who thinks it’s taking a major risk to let a back up offensive lineman transfer to a conference rival defend providing an open-door policy — and I mean the door’s wide open — to all sorts of NFL personnel.



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3 responses to ““It was counterproductive for the player.”

  1. Trbodawg

    Do we know what our policy is? It seems to me to be a tremendous recruiting advantage, especially with the kids with true NFL potential.


  2. 1smartdude

    I like the policy. Having the NFL people there is beneficial to the future of the players. I’m not sure in what context it could be a bad thing. Much better than having rouge agents in dark rooms giving advice.


  3. ATL Dawg

    The coaching overlords are free to roam and make big bucks. The players should just be grateful they’re allowed to be there.