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When in June…

Jason Butt serves up one of those ideal early-June football pieces, this one ranking Georgia’s 2018 opponents.

I can’t really quibble too much with the order he selects — in fact, I’m digging his ranking Georgia Tech ahead of Tennessee — but the article reinforces my overall impression I’ve had from the get-go that this is not the most demanding of schedules.  The bottom four are putrid, much of the middle is mediocre and Auburn, which is recognized generally as Georgia’s toughest foe this season, has to rebuild its offensive line and half the defense.

Your thoughts?



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Meanwhile, in Jacksonville

They’ve changed the name of the stadium again.

Shit, it’s almost like they make you call it the Cocktail Party just so everyone can keep track of what you’re referring to.



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“I will be playing football this season.”

Lemme see if I’ve got this straight.

  • If Nike paid Kyler Murray $4,761,500 for his endorsement, the NCAA would declare him ineligible to play college football.
  • If Oklahoma paid Kyler Murray $4,761,500 as its starting quarterback (assuming it could — stay with me here), that would be disastrous for team morale, as each offensive lineman would be consumed with jealousy because he wasn’t getting the same check.
  • If the Oakland A’s pay Kyler Murray $4,761,500 and he starts for Oklahoma as its quarterback, it’s all good.

Amateurism romantics, help me out here.  In what world does that make logical sense?


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The Pac-12’s “solution searching for a problem”

In a move that sounds straight out of Butts-Mehre, the Pac-12 voted not to send any conference team that finished with a 5-7 regular season to a bowl game.  Super genius Larry Scott explains.

“In requiring a minimum of six regular season wins our goal is to support the significance of the bowl season and provide our fans around the country with the most exciting games featuring our leading Pac-12 teams.”

I would think that any bowl game featuring a 5-7 team by definition isn’t significant, Larry, but, then again, I don’t have your bank account, so what do I know?

That being said, this seems like a meaningless gesture that, as usual, allows administrators to puff their chests out while denying kids a fun postseason.  Leave it to Mike Leach to deflate the balloon.

Washington State coach Mike Leach called the conference’s policy, which is in effect for this season, “a solution searching for a problem.”

“If we had a 5-7 team lucky enough to make a bowl, they could probably use the practice and the players would probably appreciate the chance to play another game,” Leach said. “Why should we limit opportunities when other conferences aren’t?”

Maybe we should start referring to the Pac-12 Way.


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When you’ve got a meteor coaching rivalry…

Corch may be a dick, but this is a well-played moment.


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