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Further on down the road

Thought this spot of message board research was kind of interesting:

All of the following stats are from the 2008 season through the 2017 season. Enjoy.

**Penalty Yards Per Game since 2008**

1. Alabama: 40.11 YPG
2. Mississippi St: 43.52 YPG
3. Tennessee: 43.84 YPG
4. South Carolina: 44.38 YPG
5. Vanderbilt: 45.69 YPG
6. Kentucky: 45.78 YPG
7. Arkansas: 47.13 YPG
8. Ole Miss: 47.71 YPG
9. Missouri: 49.55 YPG
10. Auburn: 49.63 YPG
11. LSU: 50.83 YPG
12. Georgia: 51.33 YPG
13. Texas A&M: 52.23 YPG
14. Florida: 58.36 YPG

**Opponent’s Penalty Yards Per Game since 2008**

1. Auburn: 40.64 YPG
2. Alabama: 40.81 YPG
3. Georgia: 43.04 YPG
4. LSU: 43.67 YPG
5. South Carolina: 44.72 YPG
6. Arkansas: 45.08 YPG
7. Mississippi St: 45.53 YPG
8. Florida: 46.26 YPG
9. Ole Miss: 47.63 YPG
10. Kentucky: 49.62 YPG
11. Tennessee: 49.98 YPG
12. Missouri: 50.08 YPG
13. Texas A&M: 50.67 YPG
14. Vanderbilt: 51.5 YPG

**Penalty Yards Per HOME Game**

1. Alabama: 38.46 YPG
2. Tennessee: 42.61 YPG
3. Mississippi St: 43.34 YPG
4. South Carolina: 43.88 YPG
5. Ole Miss : 44.41 YPG
6. Georgia: 44.97 YPG
7. Texas A&M: 45.66 YPG
8. Arkansas: 46.22 YPG
9. Vanderbilt: 46.56 YPG
10. Auburn: 47.12 YPG
11. Kentucky: 48.49 YPG
12. LSU: 48.63 YPG
13. Missouri: 49.49 YPG
14. Florida: 57.91 YPG

**NOTE: For Missouri and Texas A&M, only the 2012-2017 seasons are counted.

EDIT To add more to OP

**Penalty Yards Per ROAD Game**

1. Kentucky: 41.17 YPG
2. Mississippi St: 42.77 YPG
3. Alabama: 43.14 YPG
4. South Carolina: 43.31 YPG
5. Tennessee: 44.18 YPG
6. Arkansas: 44.41 YPG
7. Vanderbilt: 47.11 YPG
8. Missouri: 48.4 YPG
9. Auburn: 50.61 YPG
10. Ole Miss: 51.42 YPG
11. LSU: 54.93 YPG
12. Florida: 56.76 YPG
13. Texas A&M: 57.77 YPG
14. Georgia: 60.56 YPG

**Penalty Yards Difference HOME vs AWAY**
(sorted by yards difference while at HOME)

1. Georgia: +15.59
2. Texas A&M: +12.11
3. Ole Miss: +7.01
4. LSU: +6.3
5. Alabama: +4.68
6. Auburn: +3.49
7. Tennessee: +1.57
8. Vanderbilt: +0.55
9. Mississippi St: -0.57
10. South Carolina: -0.57
11. Missouri: -1.09
12. Florida: -1.15
13. Arkansas: -1.81
14. Kentucky: -7.32

That differential kind of jumps out at you, no? And not in a good way.

I was going to toss in a “Mark Richt has lost control” bit of snark here, but incredibly, at +20, Georgia’s 2017 home vs. away differential was even greater than the average.  Given that Georgia’s home average was eighth, conference wide, I don’t think that can be chalked up to home field advantage, either.

I’d love to hear somebody ask Steve Shaw to explain it.



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“It’s just another Keno or Bad Beat Poker.”

Money, as we know, talks.  When it comes to sports betting, though, it’s more like a shout.

The American Gambling Association estimates that about $150 billion is wagered each year on sports, with all but $5 billion of it done illegally, through local bookies or off-shore accounts. That’s why some believe widespread legalization of sports betting won’t greatly impact college athletics.

Wanna bet?  Maybe it won’t change the reality that people like to gamble on sports, but it sure as hell is going to change how schools and conferences approach sports betting.  You can’t monetize illegal betting, but bring that stuff inside the tent and it’s off to the races.

In states that pass new laws to introduce sports betting, Youmans expects 75% of sports bettors who have been gambling illegally to turn to legal avenues and 25% to continue betting in the shadows with bookies and online outfits.

You do the math.  That’s some sweet action and you can bet the schools are going to want their fair share of it.  Of course, there will be a price.

Meanwhile, league officials have at least briefly discussed the potential for standard, mandated injury reports across the conference, something that Andrews believes is needed. At many Las Vegas casinos like the one where he works, betting limits are lower for college games than for their NFL counterparts because of the lack of school-issued injury information during game week.

“Only thing we’re worried about right now is what will be the mandate for coaches and athletic departments to let us know what the injury situation is,” Andrews said. “We’ve been shooting in the dark all these years. We’re kind of used to that, but if it’s going to become something nationwide, they need to address that like the NFL.”

They need to.

Not to worry, as long as the checks keep coming.  The NCAA and its membership have shown no problem embracing the needs of their broadcast partners.  There’s no reason to expect this embrace to be any less warm.  Although I’m not sure “gambling partners” has the kind of ring schools prefer.  Ah well, it’s all for a good cause in the end.


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Today, in thoughts and prayers

Hey, just another hospitalized player after an organized team workout story.  In June.

It’s not a year-round job, though, amirite?  At least not for student-athletes.  For head coaches paid millions, it’s a whole other ball game.

Jeez, these people.


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From a Tiger to a Gator

Really, what more needs to be said about Florida’s decision to hire former Auburn athletic director Jay Jacobs as Executive Associate Athletic Director than what Scott Stricklin says?

“Florida Athletics is fortunate to have someone of Jay’s caliber joining the UAA,” Stricklin said. “His character, vision, experience and ability to connect with people will be tremendous assets to our department. Additionally, having served in a leadership role in the SEC, Jay understands the great privilege and responsibility we have as a member of this wonderful conference. It’s exciting to have Jay joining the Gators.”

In case you need a quick reminder of what “Jay’s caliber” is really like — and evidently Stricklin desperately needs one — here’s a sampling of Jacobs’ latest and greatest hits:

Of course, he’s got a retirement deal that pays him more than half a million a year, so at least he’s working cheap these days.  Then again, what’s the old saw about getting what you pay for?

The SEC, where recycling hacks just means more.


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Today, in the jokes just write themselves

I’m sorry, but I would be guilty of blogging malpractice if I didn’t bring to your attention that Georgia Tech just signed a graduate transfer… wait for it… long snapper.

That sound you hear is Vince Dooley nodding his head sagely.


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