From a Tiger to a Gator

Really, what more needs to be said about Florida’s decision to hire former Auburn athletic director Jay Jacobs as Executive Associate Athletic Director than what Scott Stricklin says?

“Florida Athletics is fortunate to have someone of Jay’s caliber joining the UAA,” Stricklin said. “His character, vision, experience and ability to connect with people will be tremendous assets to our department. Additionally, having served in a leadership role in the SEC, Jay understands the great privilege and responsibility we have as a member of this wonderful conference. It’s exciting to have Jay joining the Gators.”

In case you need a quick reminder of what “Jay’s caliber” is really like — and evidently Stricklin desperately needs one — here’s a sampling of Jacobs’ latest and greatest hits:

Of course, he’s got a retirement deal that pays him more than half a million a year, so at least he’s working cheap these days.  Then again, what’s the old saw about getting what you pay for?

The SEC, where recycling hacks just means more.


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14 responses to “From a Tiger to a Gator

  1. You forgot that he hired Bruce Pearl and oversaw the Cam Newton internal investigation.

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  2. JasonC

    Interesting. Jay was supposed to be as Auburn as you can get so partially surprised to see him elsewhere, but maybe being Auburn is just being a dishonest cheat, in which case, taking his act to Florida isn’t the most out of in line thing.

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  3. waterloodawg

    If you want the best sausage, you have to hire the best salumist.

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    • Dawg1

      I saw 2 talking heads discuss the differences between a barista and a sommelier yesterday. They never dove so deep as to discuss what a salumist does however!


  4. 81Dog

    Florida must feel the need to St ep up their bagman game. What comes next? Will Cecil Newton be hired as a recruiting consultant?


  5. Bulldog Joe

    Associate AD at Florida?

    Those must be some mighty small shoes to fill.

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  6. Spike

    Even more reason to hate on ’ if we needed another reason.


  7. This dude’s manta is “if you ain’t cheating, you ain’t trying”… Really did not like him while at Auburn. This is a ‘step down’ for UF and will look especially bad as the basketball scandal blows up at Auburn.

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  8. Junkyardawg41

    Is this more of the Saban effect? He likes recycled coaches no matter their background.


  9. ChiliDawg

    Honestly, this is shocking to me that Florida would stoop this low. As low an opinion as I hold of them, I thought they had SOME higher degree of standards than Auburn.


  10. Dylan Dreyer's Booty



  11. Unless this is about contacts for so me corporate cash it just makes no sense at all.


  12. That is actually a really damn good resume’ for going to UF. Bagmen to follow.