Bill Stanfill’s true legacy

Steve Spurrier will forever have something gnawing at his soul.

Spurrier traces his disdain for the Dawgs to his own playing career.

The Dawgs beat his Florida Gators in 1966, the year Spurrier won the Heisman.

They beat us my senior year in college. They knocked us out; Florida had a chance to win its first-ever SEC title. We went over to Jacksonville, and they beat the crap out of us in the second half and ended up winning, 27-10, something like that. Now they completely outplayed us, wasn’t any flukes or anything like that.

But as a coach, I thought maybe I could get even with them.

And we’ll always have this nail in the OBC’s coffin.  No, it’s not a completely even swap, but it sure makes for a nice bookend to go with 1966.

A native of Cairo, Ga., Stanfill first put his name on the football map in Georgia’s 27-10 upset of previously unbeaten Florida in 1966. Then a sophomore, Stanfill led the Bulldogs’ all-out rush on UF quarterback Steve Spurrier, sacking him twice and hitting him repeatedly after many of his passes. Though Spurrier went on to win the Heisman Trophy, the memory of Georgia denying the Gators their first SEC title and overcoming a 10-3 halftime deficit still resonates as one of Stanfill’s greatest memories.

“If I wasn’t sacking [Spurrier], I was knocking him down,” said Stanfill, a 35-year resident of Albany, Ga., who retired in 2010 as an agricultural real estate broker. “He just didn’t have time to throw.”


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49 responses to “Bill Stanfill’s true legacy

  1. Bright Idea

    And don’t ever forget the Old Ball Sack’s last trip Between the Hedges. He quit on USCe not long after that, which Finebum and the media gave him a total pass on. Gamecock fans say he quit long before then.


    • 81Dog

      it warms my heart to know his last trip to Athens, UGA hung half a hundred on him. I’m only sorry he didn’t quit at halftime of that game. Watching him sputter and whine through his post game presser after that ass beating was one of the greatest things a Bulldog fan could ever savor. Was the guy a great coach? Sure. Do I like him? No. The only thing that could have made that presser any better would have been if Bill Stanfill walked into it and knocked his ass out of his chair.

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    • 79Dawg

      After the game, he just wandered around for a bit, in a total stupor, and had to be led to the tunnel. Quite a sight to behold!


  2. Sam Johnson

    The Sports Illustrated headline for that game was: “A Bulldog Answer to an S.O.S.” Can’t remember the writer, but I have aleays loved that.


  3. Derek

    The lesson that Mickey Andrews and Tom Osbourne knew and no one else in the SEC seemed to recognize is that nothing had changed since 1966. Still hasn’t.

    Something tells me Erk would have had the same idea. Keep hitting that fucker and hitting him and then hit him again.

    If you could move SOS’s QB off his spot he was mediocre. You let him sit there in the pocket and throw in rythym and you’re dead meat.

    Most of the SEC matched SOS with failed attempts at replication instead of the antidote: be more physical than they were.

    Nothing throws off a genius strategy like a punch in the mouth and assurances that many more are coming.


  4. DavetheDawg

    Somehow, I get the feeling that all that success as ‘the ol’ Ball Coach’ against will never ease his pain as Steve Spurrier – the player. He’s obsessed with today as much as he was back in 1966. I’d say, “get over it”…but I hoping he never does.


  5. Hogbody Spradlin

    As many times as he humiliated us, intentionally rubbing it in each time, he still has a chip on the shoulder.
    Well good!


  6. Jeff Sanchez

    I still never get UGA fans that have that “you gotta love him!” attitdude towards SOS.

    No, you don’t.

    You can loathe him, just like he does us. He’s a petty, petty man, and as the Senator says, it warms my heart that Stanfill and 2015 will forever eat his soul


    • Doug

      THANK YOU. Every time I hear that “you gotta love him” comment—whether it’s from a Florida fan, UGA fan, or sportswriter—my response is almost always “I don’t have to do a goddamn thing besides die and pay taxes.”

      Sure, he was an outstanding coach, and I’ll chuckle at one of his snarky comments every once in a while. But he’s still an asshole, and I love the fact that even after beating us down all those times in Jax, it apparently still didn’t salve his deep-seated butthurt about ’66.

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      • RangerRuss

        Well said Doug. My sentiments exactly.


        • Whiskeydawg

          Yes, my thoughts too. He certainly gave the Dawgs some beatings at the Cocktail Party, but its obvious from his statements, that day in 1966 put a hole in his soul that no amount of victories will ever heal.


    • Derek

      I’ll say this as objectively as I can: if the guy wasn’t such a poor winner he’d be a national treasure.

      I say that as guy who:

      1) said that if Ray Goff had beaten that fucker into a bloody pulp after the 1995 game that he would had kept his job for fear of fan retribution. He’d have been a hero. The opposite response to woody hayes. That fucker has it coming. He should have got it. I still believe that.

      2) said that if I was governor I would have had the national guard invade Florida to take that fucker out along with the whole city if necessary. (I don’t support that anymore.)

      3) said that when we got those bastards to Athens that the 80k of us should set fire to the lot of em in the middle of the field in some sort of lunatic ritual. (Probably not my best moment.)

      Yes, disproportionate and insane. I’m sure everyone is surprised. I actually used to be worse, if you can imagine.

      But upon more mature reflection, he’s a hell of a likeable guy except when he’s winning. Then he’s a miserable pompous prick. It’s sad really. If he’d have been humble in victory his story would be so very different.


  7. Cojones

    To turn a phrase: I come here to bury Spurrier, not praise him. The ’66 game was a hoot and you could feel the thumps on Spurrier throughout the game. We didn’t know whether Stanfill would play since he had an injury, but Bill asked for and received a shot that deadened the pain in his shoulder so that he could get on the field to give Spurrier some Georgia love to his Heisman ass. “Sic him, Bill!”, indeed.

    It was the crowning jewel to Stanfill’s year and accounted a great deal toward Bill’s receiving the first presentation of the award for best D lineman in the nation. Born and laid to rest in his beloved South Georgia, he will remain in many of our hearts as part of Georgia’s spirit until and beyond the last of his Georgia witnesses being laid to rest.


  8. Spike

    For all of you all that are nostalgic for the Old Ball Sack and want to give him a pass, let bygones be bygones and miss his needling.. here ya go! The guys is a classless Dick. He always has been and always will be.



    I never liked him.


  10. Spike

    And pin that shit on the Butts bulletin board!


  11. DawgPhan

    CMR hangs 1/2 a hundred on SOS.

    SOS quits

    USC needs a coach and is looking at CKS.

    UGA fires CMR so they dont lose CKS.


  12. RangerRuss

    Spud is a sore loser and a quitter. He started and finished his career losing to GEORGIA. Fuck that asshole.


  13. Aladawg

    RIP Bill. You were a DGD. our prized family autographed football has his and Jake Scott’s signatures, perhaps our most coveted, even though it also has Trippi, Munson, Dooley, Herschel, Pollack , Greene, Bailey, Butler and many others.

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  14. Godawg

    “Georgia defensive legend Bill Stanfill recalls the game. It was, “a fun day. Steve didn’t like you to get close or touch him. He’d get up complaining, ‘Late hit, late hit!’ I said, ‘Excuse me, Stevie, I didn’t mean to step on your skirt.’””


  15. As Dan Magill tells it Stevie was getting fitted for a new suit prior to the Heisman ceremony and all of the sudden he brushed the tailor aside and ran out of the room. The tailor said what are you doing I just told you to stand still. Oh, Stevie replied. I thought you said Stanfill.

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  16. Spur 21

    My first UGA game was that Spurrier beat down in Jacksonville. Been a fan since.


  17. Cojones

    Looking at these comments is like watching an old sawmill fire resurrect itself after burning slowly for years, smoke appearing from time to time and suddenly breaking into flames again.


  18. The Dawg abides

    I think he should go down as a really good coach, with an outstanding offensive mind. He was only great when he had more offensive talent than anybody else. A total flop at the NFL level. Never a good recruiter, and not a good program builder the last half of his career. He was very mediocre at USCjr and I wouldn’t be surprised if Muschamp ends up having about the same level of success there. I’m in no way saying I think Boom is even close to Spurrier’s level from a schematic football knowledge point, I don’t even think Saban is on the same level X&O wise. I just think Muschamp learned from his failed UF stint and is using the same “process” blueprint that Smart has used and Pruitt will use. He’s building a better roster, putting more emphasis on the line of scrimmage and S & C. If he stays the same amount of time, I can see him equaling Spurrier’s three 10 win seasons.


  19. Man, I left for bootcamp 5 days later, I didn’t know from Dawgs back then!


  20. Man, I left for bootcamp 5 days later! Didn’t know from Dawgs back then!


  21. Borodawg

    I always enjoyed this story…………

    “We had pigs, too,” Stanfill told a black tie crowd at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York in 1998. “It was my job to go out there and catch a 35 to 45 pound male and drag him back to where my dad was waiting with a straight-edged razor blade. I’d put my knee on that pig’s neck and hold his back legs apart and it would be just a-squeelin.’ I mean, you just couldn’t believe the squeelin.’ My dad would take that razor and castrate him, then I’d put a little burnt motor oil over the incision and let him go. That pig would pop up and run away just a-squeelin’ some more.”

    “Folks, that didn’t really prepare me for football but it reminded me an awful lot of sacking Steve Spurrier.”


  22. AJ

    Mark Richt made him quit mid season. Spurrier is a quitter.