Moar predictions

It’s June, so this is what you get:

  • Paul Myerberg has Georgia cresting in the Sugar Bowl, in a rematch of last year’s Rose Bowl.
  • Athlon predicts a 12-0 regular season, a loss to an also undefeated Alabama in the SECCG… and a return to the CFP.  Two straight years of a non-conference champ SEC team in the playoffs really ought to get the post season expansion screaming rolling.


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13 responses to “Moar predictions

  1. I just don’t see us getting the benefit of the doubt between our schedule, a loss in the SECCG, and the fact we’re not Alabama, Ohio State, Texas or USC (Mickey’s dream CFP).


  2. Bigshot

    I will guarantee you that UGA doesn’t make the CFP if they do not win the conference championship.


    • Derek

      I disagree. Just like with Alabama it will depend on how the other conferences and ND shake out. A one loss SEC team is going in ahead of two loss conference champs elsewhere. If the SEC had a two loss champ and there were 4 one loss or less teams available in other conferences (or ND), they’d get shut out too.

      Of course a lot would turn on how you played. If we got smoked in Atlanta I think we’d be in worse position than the other way around. Alabama would get the benefit of the doubt that it was just a bad day, where we wouldn’t. If it’s within 10 points we’d be in a scenario like last year.

      That said, I’d rather just win that damn game in Atlanta and not have to worry about beating those fuckers twice.


    • Brandon M

      It’s all relative. Depends what everyone else does. I could see it happening if all the other conference champs have 2 or more losses. I think rolling Auburn in the SEC Champ, winning the Rose Bowl in epic fashion over media darling Baker and the Sooners, then going toe to toe and having Bama on the ropes in the title last year might have tilted the nation/medias perspective on Dawg football just a touch.


    • Whiskeydawg

      I tend not to make definitive statements but I think you have an 80% chance of being correct.


  3. Russ

    No way we’re losing to Bama this year. And I hope all the pundits keep picking us to fall short. More fuel for the fire.


  4. W Cobb Dawg

    Dawgs are going to remain in the hunt right up to the cfp selection day. I think bama actually has the tougher path to the sec championship. But a rematch with bama seems inevitable. Last year’s national championship game was probably only the first of a half-dozen-or-so epic games between Kirby and saban.



    There will be a whole lot more pressure on Kirby and company this year. Last year we kinda come out of nowhere. We go 12 and o then say we lose close to Bama we should make the big dance.


  6. Vidaliaway

    BIG 10 will have 2 this year if anyone does. (that pains me to say) SEC fatigue is a real issue.


  7. Stoopnagle

    In case you’re curious, Hard Rock Stadium is about 200 miles closer to Sanford Stadium than AT&T Stadium. Plan accordingly.