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Rolls and runs on the Plains

So, Barrett Sallee asked a question last night…

… and I responded with this.

I suspect he thought I was being snarky.

But for once, I wasn’t.

Mark Richt may not have won his fair share of titles over the last few years of his run in Athens, but beating Auburn was a different story.  Kirby hasn’t done too badly so far, either.

Sallee hasn’t responded to my last tweet, so I’m wondering what you guys think.  It’s not that I don’t respect Auburn — clearly the Tigers go into this season as the toughest opponent on Georgia’s schedule — but what has to happen to turn around a 3-10 stretch?  The obvious thing to me is that Gus does a lot better when he has the right kind of quarterback for his system, but even with that, Cam was a generational-type talent, the kind that doesn’t exactly grow on trees, and Auburn split the two games with Marshall.  (For that matter, Stidham did the same in 2017.)

Any thoughts?



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“I think that, unfortunately, resources equate to wins.”

If so, Georgia Tech is in a place that’s decidedly not Chantastic.

Stansbury showed the board a chart with the budgets for the top third of the ACC ($144.5 million to $100.3 million), the middle third ($96.5 million to $87.3 million) and the bottom third ($86.9 million to $67.5 million). Tech, with a budget of $84.3 million for fiscal year 2018, is in the lowest tier. (Tech does field the fewest varsity teams among ACC schools.) Some Jackets teams do not have the full allotment of staff as permitted by NCAA. Scholarship funding for the swimming and diving teams and the track and cross country teams is set at in-state levels, limiting those teams’ coaches recruiting options.

Jeez, the genius recruits with one hand tied behind his back to start with and now this?

“I think it definitely makes it challenging, so that they’re being asked to always fight above their weight class,” Stansbury said. “And I think that’s a tall task. That’s a tall task for day in and day out. And we expect to win.”

Tech ranked 12th out of ACC 15 teams in a recent AJC report that scored teams based on their finish in ACC competition. Stansbury said he would take the story with him to meet potential donors.

I don’t know if shaming boosters is a winning strategy, but I guess we’re about to find out.


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