We’re gonna need a bigger bowl.

I’m shocked, shocked to discover this is going on in your casino, sir.

Based on recommendations by the NCAA’s Competition Committee, there are expected to be three new bowl games added for the 2020 season, sources said.

In 2020, a record 43 bowls (including the College Football Playoff title game) would be held, meaning a record 65 percent of the 130 FBS schools (84 teams) will play in a bowl game…

* The three new bowls? Chicago and Myrtle Beach are near locks to host two of the new bowl games.

The Chicago bowl, to be played at Wrigley Field, will feature the Big Ten against the ACC, sources said. To add the Chicago bowl in 2020, the Big Ten is expected to end its affiliation with the San Francisco Bowl (formerly Foster Farms Bowl) after 2019.

Myrtle Beach and ESPN officials have had ongoing discussions about starting this bowl game, sources said. The most likely conferences affiliated with Myrtle Beach could be Conference USA, the Sun Belt or the Mid-American. If the Sun Belt is involved, look for the league to cut ties in 2020 with either Arizona, Dollar General, Camellia or Cure, all part of the Sun Belt’s current bowl lineup.

The third new bowl? This isn’t as clear cut. Arizona State has shown interest in adding a bowl in Tempe. And a number of cities/communities have expressed interest in the past including Charleston, S.C., and Greenville, N.C. The only certainty is before a bowl can be created, it must have a contract with two conferences and/or BYU/Army.

Gotta keep ESPN happy, boys.  And they wouldn’t want the product if they didn’t think we’d watch it.


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21 responses to “We’re gonna need a bigger bowl.

  1. tbia

    Myrtle Beach bowl has GOT to be sponsored by a Miniature Golf Course, correct?



    Speaking of BOWLS, surprised you haven’t mentioned the Las Vegas Bowl looking to go upmarket, with the new NFL stadium and possibly an SEC/Pac 12 Bowl matchup….Sounds like a fun time to me….



  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    Myrtle Beach? MYRTLE BEACH? The biggest stadium in the area has 15,000 seats. I can see it now: “The Wings Beachwear Bowl”, Hermit crabs for 98 cents.


  4. Bulldog Joe

    I hear Chicago is Paul Johnson’s kind of town.

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  5. Carter Burer

    Why can’t the Chicago Bowl be played in Soldier Field instead of trying to shoehorn another football game in a baseball stadium?


  6. Russ

    Nothing screams “reward for an outstanding season” like Chicago in December.


  7. willypmd

    Mediocre football is better than no football?


  8. Chopdawg

    Hey I want a bowl in Rome, GA. We’ve got at least one stadium that seats 6 or 7K, and we’re within a 2 1/2-hour drive of 4 FBS conferences. We’ve got 7 hills, 3 rivers, 2 Wal-Marts and we’ll have a newly remodeled Chik-Fil-A by bowl season. Also it snows a lot less here than it does in Chicago.


  9. ChiliDawg

    Football games played in baseball stadiums continues to be one of the dumbest novelties of the day. Wrigley Field is a baseball stadium. Playing a bowl game there is about as cool as playing a football game at Bristol motor speedway.


  10. Why don’t we just go to every Div 1 team plays in a post season game? The worse you are, the further north you have to play. the two at the bottom go to Barrow and play on their blue field and call it the Frozen Toilet Bowl.


  11. I used to care about the massive number of bad bowls.

    But now I don’t.

    Bowl games are one of the few “rewards” players get for their contribution to the billion dollar industry that is CFB.