Cream of the crop

It seems the SEC’s sports information directors aren’t overly impressed by Georgia’s top end talent this season.  The Georgia players voted to their first-team All-SEC offense and defense?

One:  Rodrigo Blankenship.

Two:  Deandre Baker.

Of course, picking Lamont Gaillard as a second-team offensive tackle may explain some of that.  It’s tough to excel out of position.


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16 responses to “Cream of the crop

  1. dawgtired

    I recently read the All-SEC team picks in Lindy’s magazine. Surprising that few players stand out as the best in the league but the team as a whole is picked to play in the playoffs. I’m ok with that. I think many good players weren’t picked as first team simply because other players had more time on the field to showcase talent. I’m betting we won’t get too far into the season before people realize we have some special players that would fit onto that first All-SEC team.


  2. Bill M

    Perfectly fine being underrated this year.


  3. Russ

    I’m with the others that I like being underrated. That said, Gaillard at OT? I saw that and scratched my head. WTF?


  4. lakedawg

    Gail lard has more respect from pro scouting directors than SEC SI’s, hmmmm?


  5. Go Dawgs!

    I clicked the offense fully expecting to see Tua listed as the first-team quarterback off of his one half of play last year, so I was pleasantly surprised to see Drew Lock (or anyone else) there.

    Has nobody told these folks that Derek Dooley is running the offense at Mizzou, though?


  6. Derek

    A lot of the guys we’re counting on to come up big haven’t really excelled yet in the role they are stepping into.

    Swift hasn’t shown he’s a starter.
    Mecole and Godwin and Ridley haven’t shown they can carry the passing game.
    We haven’t thrown it to Nauta enough to get him accolades.
    Monty rice, grant, walker look the part but haven’t played a lot.
    Our free safety looks the part but is new.

    All in all a lack of preseason accolades doesn’t surprise me. What is very unique is that after losing Sony, nick, wims and Smith I actually think our starting 22 will be more talented and faster on defense than last years group.

    The end of the season lists will look very different.

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  7. Texas Dawg

    If Gaillard can snap the ball and then get out to the edge to block, that is going to really be an impressive feat.

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  8. Greg

    Under the radar….love it. At least Fromm is getting some love. Thinks Drew Lock gets taken early in the first round next year, if he stays healthy & continues the way he has….he made a good decision to come back for his last year. He impressed the hell out of me his freshman year.


    • W Cobb Dawg

      I’m gonna disagree and say Lock should’ve turned pro. QBs are at a premium in the nfl. Even if scouts questioned his talent, so many nfl teams reach for QBs he’d still have made great bank.

      And there’s no way SOD is going to come close to being the OC that Heupel was. So I’m expecting those gawdy passing stats to come back to earth.


      • Greg

        There were 5 QB taken in the first round this year, don’t think Drew would have gone in the first. This coming year, Kiper already has him projected as the first QB being taken, a top 5 overall.

        Who knows…you may have a point about Dooley, it will be interesting to see how that works out at MIssouri.


  9. AusDawg85

    I’m telling ya’….look at Kirby’s pattern. This is a throw-away season. 2019 we win it all. Printing the hats and shirts now.

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  10. W Cobb Dawg

    It would’ve been more appropriate to put Gaillard at DT – at least he played there earlier in his career.

    Jeebus! And we thought A.D.s were dumb! They are surpassed by the uninformed sports information directors.


  11. Mayor

    Glad Rod’s on scholarship now. Maybe his dad was right all along.