It’s shwing time at Butts-Mehre.

You can sense Greg McGarity’s woody from miles away.

To be a new Georgia football season ticket holder, a fan needed to contribute more money than ever for seats in Sanford Stadium.

It takes 23,900 priority points on top of the $275 per seat price tag for renewable season tickets, according to cutoff scores the school posted to its athletic website Tuesday evening.

Such is the desire for fans to see a Georgia team that nearly won the national championship last season in its first trip to the College Football Playoff. The Bulldogs are expected to be contenders again in coach Kirby Smart’s third season.

The previous top priority point cutoff was 10,651 cumulative priority points in 2008, a year after Georgia won the Sugar Bowl and was preseason No. 1. The number was 1,001 in 2014, 6,701 in 2015 and 1,201 in 2016.

A donor gets a priority point for every dollar given to the Hartman Fund for football season tickets, or a contribution to any other specific sport.

Magill Society donors who have contributed to major gifts for facility improvements get a point and a half per dollar under $100,000 and two points per dollar for over $100,000. Those donations are over a five-year period.

Only a year ago, coming off an 8-5 season, a first-time buyer could purchase season tickets for only 550 priority points, which was everyone that gave the minimum amount.

Jimmy Sexton may have sold his client a little short, it seems.

Borman said the new priority point cutoff that is more than twice as high as the previous record didn’t have anything to do with Georgia raising season ticket prices $25 a game for power five conference opponents to $75 per ticket and $5 for other games to $55. He said it showed that the price hike didn’t affect the renewal rate.

There’s always next year, though.  Plenty of room at the trough.


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  1. I don’t know if this is true, but it seems new alumni are now officially priced out of season tickets. I hate that because that’s the only way I got in back in the early 90s. If you read the article, about 1,000 tickets weren’t renewed.


    • ATL Dawg

      I actually like this for our young alumni/fans. It means fewer of them are going to waste a shit ton of money over the years donating and buying season tickets. Let the older folks piss their money away.

      Granted, the younger set will probably find something else to waste the money on…


  2. ATL Dawg

    “He said it showed that the price hike didn’t affect the renewal rate.”

    Well, you did announce the price hike after 95% of your customers had already made their donation.

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    • It’s going to be interesting to see what happens over the next couple of years to season ticket renewals as the impact of the loss of the 80% deduction kicks in and demographics continue to change … also, will people who made Magill Society commitments meet the commitment now that they have lost the deduction (I believe that commitment isn’t a legally enforceable contract)?

      I’m sure the suits in Butts-Mehre have thought all of that through and have a great plan to deal with the potential fallout especially when they clearly spent some alumni/fan goodwill with the price increase (and the one I believe is going to happen next year specifically for the Notre Dame game).


    • piper



  3. Bulldog Joe

    “Nice parking space you purchased last season. It would be a shame if anything were to happen to it.”


    • At a $2,500 minimum donation (that no longer has any tax benefit), I can pay for a lot of parking in downtown Athens close to restaurants and Creature Comforts. That parking gets you zero benefit on getting out of Athens after a game. I’ll walk a little further and keep the extra cash.


  4. 79Dawg

    All this means is that there were not many non-renewals (as mentioned above). I think it will be interesting to see what happens over the next 5-10 years as more boomers start dying off, which will naturally increase non-renewals. I am feel fairly confident in saying that Greg and the other folks at B-M have no plan on how they are going to replace dead boomers…

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  5. Athens Dog

    I wonder if they have enough to fix the bathrooms on club level? I keed


  6. ATL Dawg

    Hey Senator, not sure if you saw this:

    McGarity is afraid there will be more opportunities for his undercompensated employees to be tempted to sell information to the gambling industry.


    • It’s pretty much what he said the other day.

      Eventually, SEC schools will have their hands out asking for integrity fees.


      • ATL Dawg

        Gotcha. I must have missed it.


      • Macallanlover

        All the concern about gambling impacting the game is just horse shit at this point. Now when when the coaches’ contracts have a bonus on percentage of games where a team covers the spread…then you can say we may have gone too far.


  7. Derek


    Can you give Greg some love for the track coach?