No time like the present

I find it interesting that of the 24 players in the 2018 signing class whom Jake Rowe projects their freshman year expectations, only six are seen as obvious redshirt candidates, and two of those because of injuries.  (Surprisingly, that does not include Zamir White.)

If he’s right, over time this class has the potential to be one for the ages as far as Georgia football goes.


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3 responses to “No time like the present

  1. Russ2

    AMAZING talent in this class . Hopefully they all buy in and left their egos at home. Go Dawgs!


  2. Russ

    Yep, this class is going to lead the way for the next few years and set the stage for a nice run. Looking forward to it, and to the wailing of the Gumps.


  3. W Cobb Dawg

    That was some write-up, and I don’t believe there was much fluff or exaggeration. The talent, speed and size of this class is off the charts!