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It’s shwing time at Butts-Mehre.

You can sense Greg McGarity’s woody from miles away.

To be a new Georgia football season ticket holder, a fan needed to contribute more money than ever for seats in Sanford Stadium.

It takes 23,900 priority points on top of the $275 per seat price tag for renewable season tickets, according to cutoff scores the school posted to its athletic website Tuesday evening.

Such is the desire for fans to see a Georgia team that nearly won the national championship last season in its first trip to the College Football Playoff. The Bulldogs are expected to be contenders again in coach Kirby Smart’s third season.

The previous top priority point cutoff was 10,651 cumulative priority points in 2008, a year after Georgia won the Sugar Bowl and was preseason No. 1. The number was 1,001 in 2014, 6,701 in 2015 and 1,201 in 2016.

A donor gets a priority point for every dollar given to the Hartman Fund for football season tickets, or a contribution to any other specific sport.

Magill Society donors who have contributed to major gifts for facility improvements get a point and a half per dollar under $100,000 and two points per dollar for over $100,000. Those donations are over a five-year period.

Only a year ago, coming off an 8-5 season, a first-time buyer could purchase season tickets for only 550 priority points, which was everyone that gave the minimum amount.

Jimmy Sexton may have sold his client a little short, it seems.

Borman said the new priority point cutoff that is more than twice as high as the previous record didn’t have anything to do with Georgia raising season ticket prices $25 a game for power five conference opponents to $75 per ticket and $5 for other games to $55. He said it showed that the price hike didn’t affect the renewal rate.

There’s always next year, though.  Plenty of room at the trough.


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