SEC win totals

Here are the latest Vegas SEC 2018 win totals, courtesy of South Point Casino:

  • Alabama: 11 (Over EVEN, Under -120)
  • Georgia: 10.5 (Over -115, Under -105)
  • Auburn: 9 (Over -110, Under -110)
  • Mississippi State: 8.5 (Over -110, Under -110)
  • Florida: 7.5 (Over -120, Under EVEN)
  • Missouri: 7.5 (Over -110, Under -110)
  • LSU: 7 (Over -110, Under -110)
  • South Carolina: 7 (Over -120, Under EVEN)
  • Texas A&M: 7 (Over EVEN, Under -120)
  • Arkansas: 6 (Over EVEN, Under -120)
  • Ole Miss: 6 (Over -110, Under -110)
  • Kentucky: 5.5 (Over -110, Under -110)
  • Tennessee: 5.5 (Over -110, Under -110)
  • Vanderbilt: 4 (Over -110, Under -110)

And a one-sentence reaction to each…

  • Alabama:  Whom are they losing to?
  • Georgia:  Which team gives the Dawgs their second loss?
  • Auburn:  Looks about right.
  • Mississippi State:  I lean towards the under, just slightly.
  • Florida:  If Mullen has a functional quarterback, over, barely.
  • Missouri:  They won seven last year, so at first glance this doesn’t seem like a stretch, but Derek Dooley…
  • LSU:  The Tigers won nine in 2017, so you’d have to think a two-game fallback would be death for Coach O, and looking at the schedule, I don’t know that I’d feel so good if I were him.
  • South Carolina:  It’s really weird how much more pessimistic Vegas is about SC’s chances than the pundits and public are.
  • TAMU:  Eight wins is not a reach, but anything more than that is.
  • Arkansas:  I get that the schedule is soft, but there’s no team in the conference with a bigger mismatch between personnel and scheme than the Hogs, so take the under.
  • Ole Miss:  Hey, they won six last year, so I can see a repeat.
  • Kentucky:  Weird, but this is one of the toughest calls on the board, which means that’s not good for Stoops.
  • Tennessee:  If the Vols wind up bowl eligible, Pruitt will have done a good job this season.
  • Vanderbilt:  Sad, but true.

Your thoughts?


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9 responses to “SEC win totals

  1. 81Dog

    Boom is the perfect coach for the Chikins. Loud for no reason based on past accomplishments, possibly a little bit nuts, 1000 % ready to do battle but never able to get over the hump. If Sisyphus and Lisa Lampinelli had a baby, it would look like Boom. And it would either grow up to coach football in Columbia SC, or become president of France.

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    • JCDAWG83

      Perfect analogy. When talking about the chickens I always paraphrase Winston Churchill; “never have so many been so proud of so little”.


  2. Macallanlover

    Unlike last season when UGA was a slam dunk, I don’t see a single bet on that list where I would feel comfortable placing my money. Sure, someone will win on most of those bets, there will be many more attractive bets to play. And most of those don’t require you to tie your money up for almost six months.

    I think the SC hype by the media is an attempt to create some drama in the East and there really isn’t another option with the home field advantage. Florida would be the better option on a talent basis but there are more unknowns with a new staff. Vegas doesn’t have to invent false scenarios.


    • If I had to take one of those bets today, it would likely be the under on Arkansas. The schedule has its soft spots, but Morris inherits an awful roster for what he wants to do. I don’t see a path to bowl eligibility for the Hogs this season.


      • Macallanlover

        Agree that may be the best of the those bets, for the reasons you give. But every week there are about 55 CFB games to choose from, several of which will look more inviting than that bet. At that time, you will have a lot more information (stats, and injury reports on both teams) and you get a decision/payment within hours.


      • gastr1

        Maybe Morris will do like Herm Edwards and just cut ’em.


  3. Normaltown Mike

    UT at 5.5! I love it.


  4. The other Doug

    I like the under for Auburn.