Today, in credit where credit is due

It’s about damned time.

The final calculations for the NACDA Learfield Cup standings have not been done pending the completion of the baseball season. But the Bulldogs currently rank No. 9 in those quantitative standings and cannot fall back. In fact, Georgia is expected to move up based on point-distribution projections from baseball. The Bulldogs, who lost in the NCAA Regional finals, should move ahead of No. 8 Florida State, which went two-and-out in its regional.

The College World Series gets underway this weekend with three SEC participants: Arkansas, Florida and Mississippi State. Only the Gators, at No. 4, are ranked ahead of Georgia and neither the Razorbacks (24) or the Maroon Dogs (41) are in position to run down the Bulldogs.

“It’s an indicator of the success that our coaches and student-athletes enjoyed this year,” Georgia athletic director Greg McGarity said.

True dat.  And congratulations to all, even those in Butts-Mehre, who may have finally figured out how to stay out of the way and let good coaches do their thing.  We can only hope it’s a start of things to come.


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20 responses to “Today, in credit where credit is due

  1. Bright Idea

    Maybe now B-M finally realizes that Michael Adams is long gone and they can indeed stay out of the coaches’ way.


  2. That’s great news. Just imagine where we’ll be if Crean can deliver in hoops, Kupets can resurrect the women’s gymnastics program from the dead, and Haack and Diaz can get the men’s golf and tennis programs back to their rightful place within the sport.


  3. Trbodawg

    The Men winning the NCAA Outdoor Track and Field doesn’t have any impact?

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  4. Reipar

    I love it. Things go bad AD fault. Things go well AD did nothing but stay out of the way. Lol


    • You want to throw a ticker tape parade or give him a retroactive raise, be my guest.

      By his own standards, he’s done a sub par job until this season.


      • Reipar

        If you inferred that from my comments I obviously was not clear. My point was no matter what happens he is the loser as far as you are concerned. He gets all the blame and no credit because it is fun to complain.


        • Chopdawg



        • Funny takeaway, given the header.

          Also wrong. There are plenty of ADs who think they know more about how to run a program than the coaches they hire.

          The hard part is providing support without undue interference. That is what I hope is the case here going forward.


          • Reipar

            Funny header given your comments. Your header is to give credit, but your comment is the success is just staying out of the way. Yeah lot of credit there. Where is your evidence the only thing he did is stay out of the way unlike other ADs?


            • There’s a $60+ million renovation going on at Sanford Stadium right now, the primary purpose of which is to provide recruits with a nicer place to congregate. By the accounts I’ve read, Georgia, along with Alabama, sports the largest football support staff in the country.

              Now maybe the same guy who was publicly called out for dragging his feet on an IPF has had a remarkable change of heart and proactively went to Smart with a list of things he believed he needed to give his football coach to take the program up a notch, or maybe Smart told him what he needed and McGarity acquiesced.

              You don’t even need to resort to Occam’s razor to pick here. McGarity himself has said that he had to rely on Smart’s experience to upgrade the football program. There’s no shame in admitting that, either. It’s got to be hard for somebody as far along in his career as McGarity is to swallow pride and go against SOP.

              Butts-Mehre’s primary function these days is raising money. It’s good at that. The hard part has been giving coaches the resources they need to succeed and then stepping back to let them do their jobs.

              If I’m stingy with my praise, it’s because this is just one year out of, what, nine? The natural tendency here is going to be for B-M to rest on its laurels and declare the mission accomplished. I’m hopeful this will be avoided — the unprecedented amount of money just spent on men’s basketball is another good sign — but I am also mindful of what the last decade has seen.

              If you have evidence to the contrary, I’d love to hear it. Lay it on me.

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            • By the way, if you’re looking for an example of “other ADs”, here’s a good place to start.


  5. Derek

    Go track dawgs!!


  6. Stoopnagle

    Somewhat OT, but can we make it a thing to just call Mississippi State “The Maroons” and leave it at that?


  7. Lrgk9

    More like have been ordered in no uncertain terms to get off the tracks or get run over as the train is paying no attention to the ascot and wine AD’s office.