A narrative of concern?

ESPN jumps on board the “weak Georgia non-conference schedule” train, with the Dawgs showing on a list of the ten weakest.

9. Georgia

Sept. 1 vs. Austin Peay, Sept. 15 vs. Middle Tennessee, Nov. 17 vs. UMass, Nov. 24 vs. Georgia Tech

On its way to an SEC championship and appearance in the national title game last season, Georgia played two nonconference games against Power 5 opponents, both on the road. But Notre Dame comes off the schedule this season, and Kirby Smart’s club won’t have to leave Sanford Stadium for any of its four games out of conference.

Georgia Tech is a rivalry game, and the Yellow Jackets have won each of their past two trips to Athens. Even so, this is a nonconference slate tailor-made for the Dawgs to be 4-0.

Hard to argue with any of that.  One should assume Georgia is going to have to deal with a smaller margin for error this season because of it.

Which means Georgia’s postseason chances will, to some extent, get back to what Pete Fiutak alluded to the other day with his “Look The Part” commentary.  Ohio State, for example, isn’t on Low’s list.  One can already hear Herbstreit’s spin if the Buckeyes and Dawgs are in the CFP conversation.


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35 responses to “A narrative of concern?

  1. David K

    What is the point of talking about schedules in the context of non-conference only? I guess since Georgia Southern has Clemson on their non-conference schedule we’re supposed to be impressed that their non-conference slate is tougher than ours?


  2. Mayor

    Whoa!! Playing opponents in your own stadium makes your schedule weak? How about FU never leaving the State of Florida? Jesse Palmer never said that during those years Urban was winning national titles by backing into the BCSNCG, did he?

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  3. Dawg in Austin

    Unfortunately if we have the same record as OSU, thy should be ranked higher. Their schedule is stronger than ours based on the number of Power 5 teams on the schedule. If you dig deeper though, they have 4 tough games to our three. But sometimes that’s all you need to differentiate. We need to beat the dog crap out of a lot of teams if we end up with one loss and want to make the playoff. And we can’t lose to an Iowa-like team by 31 points. 😉


  4. Spike

    And tech is lumped in..LMAO…

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  5. Brandon

    Not that it matters to ESPN but SOS is virtually impossible to assess at this point. For all we know, LSU and Auburn could each finish 10-2, Florida and South Carolina 9-3, and Georgia Tech 8-4, with both Tennessee, Kentucky, and Missouri all finishing bowl eligible. If we go 12-0 and lose to Bama in the SEC Championship I think the schedule narrative is moot at that point because it’s definitely not weak, the 3 cupcakes notwithstanding. Of course, it’s a crap shoot with out of conference P5 teams every year. We had to schedule the ND series what 6-7 years out? Fortunately for us they were good last year and we beat them, but the year before they won 4 or 5 games. FSU appeared to really bolster Bama’s SOS last June 15 but by December they were a drag on it. You never know how it will play out. These ESPN guys have got to have something to write about though.


    • Agreed. The problem is this kind of stuff can still leave a mark.

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    • Brandon

      And the closer the narrative comes to actually having some merit the more damage it does. If the scenario I layed out above played out, the narrative will be crushed by cold hard reality. But I agree if LSU and Auburn underperform, and the SEC East looks like it did last year, we might be in trouble, and the fact that Georgia is being included in this narrative and others with OOC schedules (and/or in conference schedules) conspicuously as bad or worse are being exempted from the narrative, it could certainly hurt us. In that case, I agree with you 100%, we’d have to “look the part” to have a chance, or go 13-0.


  6. tbia

    The biggest problem with our non-conference scheduling is not that we play lower lever schools….everyone does. No, McGarity’s scheduling seems to seek out the worst of the worst.

    Austin Peay got better last year, but were in a 1-32 skid when scheduled. Murray St scares no one. UMass is as bad as it gets.

    It is obvious we are gonna schedule FCS schools….at least find some better ones. Why not Furman or Wofford or Jacksonville St.

    However, I do still believe in scheduling Yale in 2029…..he’ll never even call them.


    • The Georgia Way

      Rest assured, if Yale is the lowest bidder, they will receive consideration.



    • However, I do still believe in scheduling Yale in 2029…..he’ll never even call them.

      I believe there’s a practical problem there, in that since the Ivys don’t give athletic scholarships, FBS games against them don’t count towards postseason eligibility.


      • tbia

        A fair point…however, by 2029 there will be 56 bowl games, and 3-9 teams will be getting in so it should not matter.

        In reality, if we are so worried about our sixth win not counting to make us bowl eligible, we will need a gimmick to fill seats.


      • Bulldog Joe


        However, if Greg is still our AD in 2029 and we need the Yale game to be postseason-eligible, we have much larger problems than scheduling.


        • That’s not the only issue. If the game doesn’t count, then Georgia has one fewer win the selection committee can evaluate, compared with other teams in the mix.


          • Bulldog Joe

            On the other hand, Alabama has played an FCS opponent every season since Nick Saban arrived and it hasn’t mattered.

            One can dream.


  7. Macallanlover

    We deserve to be held to a higher standard given the pathetic OOC schedule but I tire of not putting the most emphasis on the totality of the schedule. I think ESPN is remiss in not focusing on UGA having 4 teams from their own Top 25 on the schedule, and certain to face 5 when you include the SECCG. SEC champs don’t have to apologize for a place in anyone’s final four. Just win, baby!


  8. Go Dawgs!

    Georgia deserves every bit of the heckling that we’re getting for this joke of a schedule. I obviously hope that things don’t break in such a way that it ends up costing the Dawgs a chance at the playoff, but if it does we have no nobody but ourselves to blame. The Notre Dame experience last year was what catapulted Georgia into the national conversation. Hopefully, the rest of the SEC will look better this year so we can rely on the conference’s reputation like teams from the league always do.


  9. Charlottedawg

    Only sec East team that doesn’t have to play Georgia, weak.

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  10. Stoopnagle

    FWIW, our ’19 schedule (especially at home) is awesome.


  11. PTC DAWG

    It doesn’t matter.


  12. Uglydawg

    This is the most ESPN thing ever. It’s an ESPN groundwork piece.
    This guy wrote this to help TOSU get picked if they have the same number of losses as UGA or ‘Bama at NC game selection time.
    He’s laying that foundation. That’s what ESPN does.
    Get ready to hear about UGA an ‘Bama’s weak schedule every week.
    And I call “BS” on his comments about the GT game.
    While the OOC IS an insult and a rip off to those that buy season tickets, the writer dismissing GT in the same sentence that he mentions “the Jackets have won their last two trips to Athens” is revealing.. He tips his hand; No matter who the Dawgs play, he’s going to dawggrade them. His argument was strong enough without bolstering it with that stretch.
    GT is one of the more competitive teams in the ACC.
    The whole thing was written and published to dawggrade Georgia’s and also ‘Bama’s schedules,just in case.
    The rest of the article was a smoke-screen to cover that intention.
    I won’t hold my breath until he publishes a “Top Ten weakest In-Conference Schedules”.


    • Uglydawg

      And having thought that over, it pisses me off that the OOC actually does suck..and can and will be used against us. It could easily have been avoided by scheduling even marginally better opponents. So it could actually cost Georgia a trip to the big dance, and actually will, sooner or later. You can recruit and build the best team the world has ever seen, and screw them out of a chance to prove it by scheduling cupcakes.
      Fix this..Mr. Athletic Director…before it costs us hugely.


  13. Win the SEC at 13-0 or 12-1 and it won’t matter.

    Lose the SECCG at 12-1 in an instant classic. We may still get in.

    Win the SEC with 2 losses. We’re probably out and probably should be.

    Be 11-1 with the 1 loss to the eventual East champion. We don’t deserve to be in.


    • Macallanlover

      +1 See it the same way, and won’t bitch if any of that comes true. Right now, would be happy to be in the conversation again. And hope we get the “instant credibility” Clem’s Son got for losing a close game their first time, got them an invite they didn’t deserve the next year…and they won.


    • PTC DAWG

      The hand wringing continues….


      • Not sure what your response means to me … I’m stating my opinion if I were sitting on the committee and objectively looking at Georgia’s prospects.

        I’ve been on record … all I care about is competing for the SEC championship. The rest is just gravy.


  14. Hill Billy Dawg

    Illinois, Indiana and Rutgers are P5 ?

    sarcasm alert


  15. W Cobb Dawg

    No surprise the wwl is speaking out of both sides of their mouth. One says lousy schedule. The other side programs the games in primetime because UGA is the team people want to see when they turn the TV on.


  16. UGA '97

    Beating the chicken crap out of South Carolina = looking the part because it should put a scare into our remaining teams and send a message. No need to worry about the cupcakes.